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  1. My first solar eclipse ever! Didnt use proper shielding.... I know I know but it was to damn pretty!! Its not every day that something comes between you and that nice fusion reactor in the sky!!!! I have images to come off my phone and friends camera!!!
  2. On another note it's going to be 98 again tomorrow for me in Texas!!! UGH!!
  3. Can really find anything online about next years
  4. I have a 100 mW green laser. Has a key to operate system just in case one of my idiot friends grabs it. Never see planes in my area though as I am a hundred miles plus from any large town let alone a city lol
  5. O.O I would have nodded because that's my luck
  6. Well have not seen it yet but there is a solar eclipse in May couple of states over but your ass I will be there at the grand canyon!!!!!!
  7. I write down everything for research later
  8. I think this is super cool right up my alley as becoming an astrobiologist
  9. Every single night since christmas!!!! And I work at 7 every morning!!!!
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