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  1. I had no idea that this thread was on here... ( thanks rob:( ) I would have replied to you all ages ago! Glad you all approve of my dob house...... just off to re lay the kitchen floor!!!! Amanda
  2. Hi Martin, Yes it has locking wheels, but have never locked them.... it doesn't run away but is easy to move into it's home.... Don't they all have wheels then? Amanda.
  3. It's a mixture of UPVC and a wooden door. I ran out of UPVC and had loads of wood spare. The roof is interesting, it's two layers of pond liner I do most of the DIY in the house.... I don't trust Rob!!! Amanda
  4. I've still not worked out where the camoing is taking place.... and exactly how cold is it going to be? No one has mentioned memory foam matress toppers yet, they're amazing as they keep you really warm. We have a 2" memory foam topper on top of an air bed and are always really toasty warm at star parties. We also have Nelson the dog. if you get too cold you can borrow him, he's not fussy who he sleeps with ) Amanda :
  5. Hi, What is **** pile luxury? that's not what I wrote..... that's the **** filter gone too far!! Amanda x
  6. Oh Wow! Lou, I've only just picked up this thread and I'm very impressed, that's a brilliant tent complete with carpet, I particularly like the throw over the sofa, Very magic Roundabout.... Where did you get the carpet? It's so much nicer than our grotty bit of plastic groundsheet...... That's it, Rob's spending no more money on scopes 'til he buys some **** pile lixury for the tent Sounds like you had a good time, and found someone to clean the kitchen too!!!! Amanda xx
  7. Rob says no to the bigger camper van, he can fit perfectly well in the van he has, along with both dobs - and I, apparantly, can follow him in my car, carrying the tents, food, dog and sleeping bags. He'll find room for the beers though. Hmmm, dunno about this, but at least it will free up the dining room Amanda
  8. Ha! I know who bought it! Here he is: So that's no room in the dining room anymore! Amanda (Mrs RobH)
  9. I saw this one because it was mentioned in POW, and I think it's a wonderful image. Makes you feel all warm. Amanda
  10. If it makes you feel better, Slppery Squid, he can't leave a packet of plain walkers crisps in the cupboard . Rob, I thought I might borrow the scope whilst you're away working - Do you reckon I'll be able to take pictures like you do? I've seen all the effort you put in and I think this one is pretty damn good. Amanda H
  11. Send him an email telling him that if the faulty item is returned within X amount of days from the purchase date (30?), a full refund will be given. The goods are returned at his expense. - this is how it's done on ebay purchases and it's up to him to pay for signatures, proof of postage etc. Tell him no further correspondence will be entered in to and mark his email address so it goes into the spam folder. AND DONT READ IT. Life is too short to deal with idiots like this, and bully tactics just don't work. How much money are we talking about here? Amanda
  12. galathea

    I've been thinking...

    Ooooh, do you think that's wise? If peple knew how many hours you could spend in the dead of night in a freezing observatory, with computers and a scope which won't talk to each other, and then the added frustration of clouds, rain, full moons, satellites, would they ever take up the hobby? :) :)) Amanda.
  13. Hi.... I've put on another 2lbs... and I really like cakes..... does this give you any clues.. I had a great time at SGL 5 and I got a new Scope! (And it's MINE ).. not Rob's .. Amanda xx
  14. Fantastic shot! The view through the scope was the first time i've ever looked at the sun in any detail and it's great to see it on here. Amanda H
  15. Brilliant! But I thought if the entrance was wide and low it would make me look tall and thin by comparison .... some hope
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