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  1. strangeseraph

    Hey guys!

    Hilo! I'm new too, welcome welcome!
  2. Hey, thanks for the warm welcomes! And the advice is great, I'll try binoculars first then. barkis: I chose the other meaning for seraph, from the Christian context, a six winged angel. Kind of funny because I'm not a Christian. I believe the seraphs mentioned in the bible as witnessed by ancient humans were actually visitors from another world. So taken from that context is that I believe we have been visited by these beings in the past and I strive to be more like them, despite the fact that I am a human not an angel. So I'm strange, for a seraph being, because I don't have the 'wings' etc etc. Does that make sense? I saw a great documentary about that called Ancient Aliens that describes some biblical basis for the existence of aliens, and I sort of stuck to it. But when I was a little younger I was calling myself a dryad, a sort of wood nymph, because I believe/d in magic and faeries. I'm a computer science loving geek girl who has no interest in romance or fashion, and my priorities have changed over the years, because my handle has changed so many times, but this one I've stuck with for four years now and I have no plans of getting rid of it now. Hope that answers the question.
  3. Hi everybody. I'm Lee, 25, female, from Canada eh? I just recently found this forum and thought I'd join. I don't have a telescope, mostly I just like to see what can be seen with my own two eyes, but with my sight failing lately I've been thinking about a telecope. I live in the city and there's not much to look at in the sky at night, hard to see the stars. But maybe a telescope would help. Nice to be aboard. My sign is Taurus, I was born in the year of the dog, and I love science fiction and fantasy. Yup, I'm another extraterrestrial loving nut.
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