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  1. Lidl have got their battery chargers in from tomorrow - https://www.lidl.co.uk/en/Non-Food-Offers.htm?articleId=6216 Hopefully it'll be of use to somebody for charging powertanks/jumpstarters/leisure batteries.
  2. Just a jumpstarter pack should do the job - http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/p/car-accessories/car-accessories-products/emergency-and-breakdown/booster-pack/?529771211&&cc5_824 Imho you only need to get into a custom battery box and leisure battery for astrophotography when you're powering mount/camera(s)/dew heaters/laptop etc.
  3. I started off with the AVX+C6-n combo and it worked well enough, although the stock focuser is terrible. I think the C8-n would be too much for imaging on the AVX, especially once you start adding a camera/coma corrector/guiding etc. It should be ok for visual use. I'd look at HEQ5 or AVX with 130P-DS/150P-DS/ED80 to start with.
  4. Or alternatively the Altair Astro 0.8x reducer/flattener. It doesn't correct quite as well, but it's substantially cheaper and gets you slightly faster/wider than the SW option.
  5. Truss scope using 3D printed parts

    My 3d printed piggyback tube rings (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2181161) are still holding up. I printed in PLA rather than PETG because I was worried about flexure with PETG. I should imagine the load on a truss would be far less.
  6. Skymax 127, C6-n and misc bits

  7. Time for a bit of a clearout... 1. Skywatcher Skymax 127 OTA £150 + £15 P&P The corrector has some small spots of sap on it (annoying sycamore tree in my garden!), which are sticky but should clean off (See first pic). The visual back has discoloured to a golden colour rather than black (see pic 2), and there are the usual mounting marks on the dovetail, otherwise in excellent condition. With finder and caps but no other accessories. Selling only because I've recently picked up a bargain C5 and prefer the flexibility of being able to use an f6.3 reducer. 2. Solar filter for Skymax 127 £20 inc P&P Sold A nice snug fit on the Skymax 127, but sadly doesn't fit my new C5. 3. Tal 2x barlow £25 inc P&P 4. 90° diagonal Clean mirror, with caps, some marks on nosepiece £12 inc P&P 5. 90° diagonal Dusty mirror, no caps, some marks on nosepiece, mismatched screws £8 inc P&P 6. 45° prism diagonal Clean, no caps £12 inc P&P 7. Skywatcher 1.25" light pollution filter £10 inc P&P 8. Skywatcher 2" light pollution filter £15 inc P&P Sold 9. 25mm Kellner Eyepiece Needs a good clean but feels well made £10 inc P&P 10. Revelation Astro 2" coma corrector Boxed with caps and in excellent condition £50 inc P&P 11. Celestron C6-n Flocked tube, Revelation astro single speed crayford focuser, cooling fan, collimation thumbscrews for secondary, 2x finder shoes (originally used for finder and guider). Downsides are some dust on primary and sap spots similar to the Skymax corrector, but nothing that affects performance. Also a small scratch near the edge of the secondary, and some spiderwebs in the tube from sitting in my garage. Rings and dovetail included. £130 (open to offers!) collection only from Ashford, Kent, or I can deliver locally for the cost of fuel. http://www.astrobin.com/274279/D/ and http://www.astrobin.com/281359/ were both taken using the C6-n and Revelation coma corrector.
  8. QHY163m with 1.25" filters

    I did back in mid-June and he'd just finalized an order with QHY so I missed the boat. I suppose it's worth asking again, I have no idea how often he places orders!
  9. QHY163m with 1.25" filters

    I've got the ZWO 8x1.25" EFW. I assume by "new adapter" you mean the "m42 big screw adapter" mentioned here - http://qhyccd.com/bbs/index.php?topic=5659.0 If so, I haven't got the adapter. I'd love to get my hands on one but can't find it for sale anywhere.
  10. QHY163m with 1.25" filters

    Finally had a "proper" session with the camera - life, weather and short summer nights have been in the way for months! Flats help massively, but don't quite completely remove the vignetting from 1.25" filters with this camera, as you can see in the bottom left of the highly stretched luminance image below. But with a bit of effort the end results aren't too bad http://www.astrobin.com/309974/
  11. Low Cost AR0130 Guide Camera

    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1-3MP-1280X960-MJPEG-15fps-UVC-Linux-Android-Windows-free-driver-usb2-0-monochrome-B-W/32367460304.html That's the one I bought. Once I realised it wasn't compatible with the Altair drivers I mostly resorted to using it as a webcam, so I've done no further astro use with it.
  12. Low Cost AR0130 Guide Camera

    I bought the mono version of this module to test and can confirm that the altair and touptek drivers do not work with it. Or at least I failed to get the drivers working by adding the device ID into the driver inf...
  13. Mono cameras at this level all use similar sensors - either the MT9M034M (QHY5L-II, ASI120m, early GPCAM v1), or the slightly more sensitive AR0130m (later GPCAM v1, GPCAM v2, touptek). In all honesty I'd just get whatever's cheapest! There's a heatsink+fan cooler available for the GPCAMv1/touptek camera - https://www.altairastro.com/Altair-GPCAM-USB-Cooler-Module.html I've got a MT9M gpcam v1 mono for guiding, but I did some unguided LRGB experimenting with it one evening just to try it out - the results won't win any awards, and it was my first time attempting mono imaging, but there's definitely potential for more than just guiding! and I've just realised how old this thread is, but I'll leave this post here in case it helps someone!
  14. QHY163m with 1.25" filters

    If it gets picked up by customs it would be 20%VAT, but there's no import duty on cameras. I've ordered loads from abroad and it's all got through, although this was the first high value item.
  15. QHY163m with 1.25" filters

    Heatsink and fan for cooling though, rather than a TEC with set-point cooling. Given the design of it I'd hazard a guess it's the same OEM as the Altair Hypercam series - Given that the touptek cameras sold by FLO are the same as the Altair GPCAM cameras, I wouldn't be at all surprised if this is actually the same camera as the Hypercam 1600. It says ascom drivers are available, and I can't find the Hypercam 1600 anywhere - who's brave enough to get one of these? As for the deal I got, it's not available any more - the cheapest QHY163m on aliexpress currently (the same seller I bought from) is now ~£905 after a 7% discount for using the mobile app, and as a new user you get a $50 off a >$750 purchase, giving an approx total of £865 (and potentially VAT if customs pick it up - I got lucky). It's still a decent amount cheaper than getting one from a UK dealer, but given that you'd have to wait a couple of weeks for shipping from China, the possibility of VAT on top, and possibly an iffy warranty (at the very least having to ship back to China) if it's faulty, it's no longer quite so tempting.