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  1. 5 hours ago, Singlin said:

    You are correct in that the steel washer goes on the side of the grub screws.

    You shoulld have a large teflon shim that goes on the opposite side.

    Tighten the main bolt as much as possible and then the grub screws.

    Thank you . I will have a go after my trip to the park and report back.

  2. Hi everyone. It's been while since I've posted but I need some help. I have finally completed the Gunnar mod to my mount and I'm having issues. 

    When I put the two parts back together as shown in picture there seems to be some play. I have tightened the grub screws but still have issues with the left to right play. It's not a lot but enough.

    I have some shims and a big steel washer. The big washer is so the grub screws can clamp down on. I have two plastic shims also. It took me some time to complete the mod so I can't actually remember which way around the parts go back together. Also not sure if I have lost some shims?

    Any advise would be great thanks.


  3. This was not a dig at FLO as I know they give excellent service having purchased from them myself. It's a shame that such a venerated mount on this forum seems to suffer from this design flaw. This is something Skywatcher should be looking at and fixing.

    I completely agree. I knew about the issues before I bought the mount but as I've only used it once it really annoying. Apart from this I cant flaw it (compared to my 3-2 is solid). The upgraded bolts seem stronger yet I cant help feel that they don't hold the mount steady enough. I don't want to be shooting the night sky without a solid mount "every imager starts with a solid mount"

    I want to be purchasing My SW ED 80 in the next few weeks and plan to take it on my hols. Tripping to Minehead and Exmoor national park is a short car journey away.

    I just felt the need to let off some steam to like minded people who would understand.

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  4. We are never far away and please don't worry about having cut the bolt  :smiley:

    Unfortunately it is true, the bolts are prone to bending if you are not careful because the casting the rear bolt pushes against isn't set at the best angle for our latitudes. But I am not sure from your post whether it is the mount or the replacement bolts that are troubling you. If it is the mount then we will be pleased to help. But if it is the upgraded bolts (we don't sell those) then it might be better to contact the supplier or manufacturer. 



    Hi Steve

    Its just the crabby bolts I believe the mount is fine but feel cheated by Sky watcher as I'm sure many others do. I'm just having a moan. Nothing against you guys because your service is impeccable.

    I will call tomorrow :)

  5. After taking delivery of my Sky Watcher NEQ 6 mount  2 weeks ago I've used it once. I've been reading up a lot about the "bendy bolts" as I found it hard to fine adjust the latitude. I removed the mount head from the tripod and low and behold a belt bolt. So I ordered the upgrades  I received them today and after spending a good 45min removing a bent bolt I fitted the  new ones but I feel that they are not firmly holding the mount at 52ish degrees.

    I'm a bit miffed as I've only used it once and the bolt was bent :(

    Sorry for this rant, is there anything I could do? Or anyone who I may send / take me mount head to who may be able to modify for me?

    thanks all

  6. Your not alone there. I had never heard about the Lunar X until I put a picture of a FB group. A guy commented and put "you got the Lunar X" . At first I thought he was blowing me a kiss lol. Then I Googled it and to find out what it was. Know I'm more knowledgeable than I was when I woke up :)

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  7. power supply is always a good one. i like mains power in the obsy of course but if your going down the leisure battery route then more is better i.e. a 60, 70, 80, 90 even 110 amp one will keep you going all night, if you want to run your mount and cameras, a caravan leisure battery shouldn`t cost much more than the 26 amp golf trolley one you were looking at. 

    Oh how I dream of a garden in the country side (not saying that's what you have) but I Long for that space in a vast country side and A nice size obsy in the middle of it :) I too would be mains powered.

    Are the Tracer Lithium Polymer Battery Packs considered to be the bees knees ??

    Yes these do look amazing but as Red dwalf said http://www.deben.com/tracer-battery-packs.html?gclid=CM6l0uChhb0CFQUIwwodw4EAow cost is the issue there.

    A 110 caravan leisure battery is no light thing as I know for the caravanning world. However these are designed to run fully flat and then be recharged again without too much loss to the life. Just don't leave it flat for too long or you will shorten it's life. Due to it's size I think you will be surprised what you can run off one and how long it will last.

    After lugging the mount in a out of its resting place a battery will feel oh so light. I have found this so may be this would be ok to use? http://www.deben.com/tracer-battery-packs.html?gclid=CM6l0uChhb0CFQUIwwodw4EAow ??

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