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  1. Thank you . I will have a go after my trip to the park and report back.
  2. Hi everyone. It's been while since I've posted but I need some help. I have finally completed the Gunnar mod to my mount and I'm having issues. When I put the two parts back together as shown in picture there seems to be some play. I have tightened the grub screws but still have issues with the left to right play. It's not a lot but enough. I have some shims and a big steel washer. The big washer is so the grub screws can clamp down on. I have two plastic shims also. It took me some time to complete the mod so I can't actually remember which way around the parts go back together. Al
  3. petergc


    Howdy David welcome along
  4. I found the story on DM. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2581441/Have-message-dawn-time-major-discovery-reveal-scientists-got-glimpse-universe-born.html OP beat me to posting. Look forward to Mondays announcement !
  5. Well it was not me. So looks like it's back to the grind come Monday
  6. I would invest some monies to fund my hobby. Buy a plot of land at the top of a massive mountain build an obsy with a house attached to it! And invite u all over
  7. I might take the mount apart and take it to a local machinist. They surly won't charge the earth to drill and tap the hole to fit gunners kit
  8. Like I said can't fault the mount itself just the crabby bolts and lack of attention to the alt part of the mount. After the first complaints came in you would think Skywatcher would of maybe came up with an add on like Steve mentions above
  9. I completely agree. I knew about the issues before I bought the mount but as I've only used it once it really annoying. Apart from this I cant flaw it (compared to my 3-2 is solid). The upgraded bolts seem stronger yet I cant help feel that they don't hold the mount steady enough. I don't want to be shooting the night sky without a solid mount "every imager starts with a solid mount" I want to be purchasing My SW ED 80 in the next few weeks and plan to take it on my hols. Tripping to Minehead and Exmoor national park is a short car journey away. I just felt the need to let off some steam to li
  10. I have spoke to this chap in the past but I'm so uneasy about drilling and tapping my mount Just not comfortable with that
  11. Hi Steve Its just the crabby bolts I believe the mount is fine but feel cheated by Sky watcher as I'm sure many others do. I'm just having a moan. Nothing against you guys because your service is impeccable. I will call tomorrow
  12. I will contact FLO in the morning but I have cut the bolt now
  13. After taking delivery of my Sky Watcher NEQ 6 mount 2 weeks ago I've used it once. I've been reading up a lot about the "bendy bolts" as I found it hard to fine adjust the latitude. I removed the mount head from the tripod and low and behold a belt bolt. So I ordered the upgrades I received them today and after spending a good 45min removing a bent bolt I fitted the new ones but I feel that they are not firmly holding the mount at 52ish degrees. I'm a bit miffed as I've only used it once and the bolt was bent Sorry for this rant, is there anything I could do? Or anyone who I may send / tak
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