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  1. I must apologise for the late reply, i've been really busy lately. @hemihaggis, i normally observe from my garden which is in Middlesbrough (North East), i do have plans to start going out to find dark skies, such places as Sutton Bank on the A170 and the Hole-of-Horcum on the A169, very dark skies indeed. @Tinker1947, thanks for the suggestion, i've been looking into these, they do seem pretty good, i've also been looking at the Vixen barlow for around £40, it's hard to say which would be the best, the Tal or the Vixen. I have also decided to go with the Vixen NPL ep's, i've just ordered the 6, 8 & 10, i'll get the 15, 20, 25, & 30 eventually, at the moment i seem to be viewing the Moon, Saturn & Jupiter quite a bit so the other eyepieces can wait a month or so as i still have the standard Celestron 15mm ep, also, the reviews i've read and the opinions on this forum helped a great deal in choosing the Vixen ep's. @paul schofield, did you recieve your 15mm Vixen NPL? if you did then what do you think of it?
  2. I'm looking for a bit of advice on eyepieces, eg: brand and focal length, i've been looking at the Vixen NPL's, i've read on the forum that these ep's are pretty good, but how good are they compared to the Celestron Omni ep's, listed below is what i'm thinking of ordering from FLO, i'll be mostly looking at the planets but i would also like to view Nebula's, etc. Scope is a Celestron 130EQ > 650 focal length. The eyepieces i'm looking at are the Vixen NPL, 25mm, 20mm and 8mm, i will be using these with a 2x barlow which will also give me 12.5mm, 10mm and 4mm, would this be the right choice? also, i would like some good advice on which 2x barlow would be best, Vixen 2x barlow? if so, which one? or some other brand? Or would i be better off going for something like Vixen NPL 20mm, 15mm, 10mm and 4mm without using a barlow?
  3. Have you been calling the correct number? also, did you try calling between the hours stated (UK time)?, here is the info from there site, i've just called them and got an answering machine, which was to be expected as it is way past 1pm here in the UK. Dear Customers, we're usually able to take phone calls from 10am - 4pm on weekdays and from 10pm - 1pm Saturdays. Altair Astro phone number: +44 1263 731505 Hope this helps!
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    Hi all

    Thanks guys, if it's a clear night tomorrow i'm thinking about going to the Saltergate car park at Hole-of-Horcum on the A169 or the top of Sutton Bank on the A170, i was at the car park at Hole-of-Horcum one night and i couldn't even see past my hand in front of me, it was that dark.
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    Hi all

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I didn't get that good a look at Mars, the best i could do was with a 15mm ep and a x2 barlow, hopefully i'll do better next time with a more powerful ep and better seeing. Thanks for the suggestion, but i've been using Stellarium since i got my scope, i also use "Mobile Observatory" on my android tablet and phone, i have contacted the developer of this app and it seems he has plans to add the Telrad overlay as well as the hour angle/DE just like in Stellarium, great app.
  6. fizzydx

    Hi all

    I would like to introduce my self by first saying that i have only just got in to astronomy a few of weeks ago, i have been meaning to for quite some time now, anyway, i took the plunge and bought my self a Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ along with the AstroMaster Accessory Kit, i know these lenses aren't the best but they should get me by for now, i had my scope out properly for the first time a few weeks ago and did a quick polar alignment using my latitude and a compass, it didn't turn out so bad as i was looking at the Moon with what seemed to be perfect clarity, i then took a look at Jupiter and all four of it's moons, the polar alignment can't have been to shabby as i was able to track both objects across the sky with RA adjustment only, well i say only, i had to make the odd DE adjustment now and then, not bad i thought, also, a few days ago i fitted a Telrad finder and set out to find Saturn and Mars, this was on the 18/02/2012, i found them with ease, and when i viewed Saturn for the first time it was a real WOW moment, the Telrad was well worth the investment, really enjoying it.
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