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    Hi thanks for the warm welcome. JBM illdrop you a pm and when we get a clear night you can show me how it all works
  2. Hi. My names Ben 28 from hindhead UK and well.....Basically I moved into a flat in Bristol through work and the previous tennant had left a brand new Celestron NEXSTAR102GT in the loft. I contacted the guy and he said £50 it was mine. So I said yes strangely enough as it's brand new. Now I have had a bit of an upbringing in stars from my parents thanks to my grandparents living on a farm in the middle of Norfolk with next to no light pollution. Firstly I have no idea how to operate or use the new telescope and the online info I can find is a little less than ASIC assembly instructions. I'm interested in getting into the scene in Bristol and north Hampshire/Surrey and would love a poke in the right direction for events and any helpful advice on how to use the telescope Thanks Ben
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