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  1. hi guys many thanks for all the info:) its been a few weeks and ive done some nice sort of research. Im thinking of getting the celestron cg-5 gt goto mount and just putting my 200p onto it. The mount is £498 and about £40 for the scope rings and £17 for the bar. Now before I commit would you guys say its a good price ? and is it easy enough to set up ? Would love your feedback dave
  2. I will have a price of both to see what I can get But eq5 pro will take the 200p dob ? I assume I need is it 8" rings to go with it ? What I will do will price everything plus the advice from my other thread and look to see what is my best option but if a eq5 pro will take my 200p it may be worth investing a little more for one of the above.
  3. sorry to highjack thread but I posted something in another thread and noticed this thread. you say I eq5 would handle a dob 200p would this be it ? http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-eq5-pro-synscan-goto.html also would I need to buy the holding rings separate ? I would find this upgrade a better help than a second scope and for £508 I could probably stretch to this next month.
  4. i will look into this Telrad and see if it will be beneficial You guys are excellent you have given me quite a few things to look into atleast I can save the money and maybe buy a motorised DOB setup at a later date just by looking a 200 - 250p goto dob is about 750 upwards.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys it is much appreciated . I will look into all of the above Disability wise I have spinal and nerve problems which affect my neck alot and twisting and bending while moving has a nasty side effect this is why I got my self a right angled viewer to help but was hoping a goto may ease some of the pain by finding what i want then all i had to do is just look into the viewer once it has what i want track and in view. Im sort of stuck in a tight corner because I sort of want to look at everything but im limited to how long I can stay outside at times.
  6. a lot of it comes down to easiness , With the disabilities I have searching can be quite a task so getting a goto would help loads. I do have a right angles correct image finder which does help a lot . I was just thinking that maybe a goto system would ease some of the problems i have when searching.
  7. ok so ive decided on a second scope but this time with a goto. I have a dob 200p but upgrading to a new goto mount is gonna cost more than i can afford so decided on a second scope that will point me in the right direction and will help me navigate so i know where to point ny 200p. budget is around £300 - £400 may also use it with my dslr. Would love some advice and possible scopes to get.
  8. Yea biggest problem with cheap laser collimator is you need to collimate the collimator lol! This was my first time doing this and was nervous but I think everything went ok and was quite surprised how far off the mirrors were .
  9. Many thanks for the replies guys , after collimating I took the scope out for a spin and got some nice views of the moon but cloud came over so didn't get to try any planets. Etc Just some advice for anyone who's not used a laser before on the scope , make sure you put it in a v block and roll it and if you get a constant dot you are fine and also don't forget to tighten those eye slot screws
  10. using a dob 200p , I knew it probably would critical but thought I would just do it so I could get the best out of the scope. I got the laser dot into the circle centre dot that is on the mirror , my only concern was I has to touch the secondary mirror housing a little as the screws would not align the mirror correctly so had to slightly nudge it with finger on either side (didn't touch the actual mirror surface). If I get some clear sky tonight I can test it on the moon or Jupiter. Would love to get Saturn but I am not in a place where I can get a good spot plus Im in north of England and not sure if I can.
  11. Hi guys hope you can help I purchased a laser collimator and it arrived today : ) I checked it to make sure the collimator was collimated by using a V block and I had a perfect dot while rotating. Anyways I slotted the laser into the eye socket and tightened the screws so that it was steady and straight away I noticed the mirrors were way off, we are talking atleast 1cm maybe more away from the centre of mirror. I started with the secondary mirror using the small screws at the end of the mirror to centre the dot but had a little trouble and had to physically put my hand in (gently) to slightly move the secondary mirror as just moving the screws would not align but I got it eventually . I then started the second part to align the primary mirror to the collimator I adjusted the screws so the mirror matched the centre of the collimator and though walla done !!! and adjusted the finder scope so everything was centre etc ... then I put the collimator back in to check and it was misaligned again !!!! I thought what !!!! so I had another look and hit my head I forgot to tighten the other screws on the primary to keep it stable anyways I redone it all again and eventually everything is aligned. Im a little concerned at the secondary mirror as I didn't think I would need to touch it so I have too a few pics and was wondering if you guys can have a quick look to see if I have done everything correct. much appreciated. dave
  12. Thanks for the info guys , I will look into upgrading a few things so I can take some good pictures. i was thinking of changing the scope to something more easier to manage as with my problems I have manual searches tend to hurt me so maybe a motor based scope will be more suited and with the info you give me I should be able to get some good pics.
  13. Hi guys just need a little help. ive not been very well the last few months and have not been able to use my 200p. anyways now that I'm able to get back to some viewing I decided to buy me a cheap DSLR camera ,Nikon d3100 to be exact. could anyone direct me to what I would need to adapt this camera to my scope and is there any online help which will give me the basics as what to do. i appreciate any help you can give.
  14. cheers for the info will have a look. wow thanks this will help loads I've been wanting to upgrade for a while due to my disability causing me issues for manual movement of the scope for so long.
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