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  1. Thanks to all for your advice - I got everything sorted today. No idea what caused the issue yesterday, but I got back to basics and everything is fine. I used the daytime Moon as my faraway object, stripped everything back and reapplied it and got it working in no time. First time I've used a tracking motor to keep an object in shot too which was terrific. Now to solve the perils of polar alignment so I can get my GoTo operational!!
  2. In the image with it attached to the scope that’s the one I’ve got in there with nothing else apart from an eyepiece (I think).
  3. Hi all - Thanks as always to anybody who offers their assistance, it's invaluable and appreciated everytime. I have a SkyWatcher 200p EQ5. I haven't used it for a few years and have just picked it up back again. I'm having the exact same issue I had when it was new out of the box in that I cannot get it to focus whatsoever. It caused me no end of grief originally, and after weeks of trying different combinations of adapters and eyepieces I cracked it. It turned out to be something simple, and from what I remember, was essentially an objective of making the length between the focuser a
  4. It needs both? I didn’t think the polar alignment was necessary if using star alignment with the SynScan? What I’m hoping for is to locate an idiots guide to both.
  5. Hi all - Returning member after a few years, the virus lockdown in the UK has led me to dig out my scope after years of non usage and my knowledge is rusty! I have this scope with the Synscan motors fully fitted. The last time I used it I was having a great deal of trouble with alignment which meant I'd never actually got it working correctly since installing the motors. I'm confident that the installation was done correctly and it's just understanding the alignment tasks. Could anybody point me in the direction of an idiot's guide to SynScan alignment using this scope? And as an as
  6. Make sense - and what about connectors between a leisure battery and the actual 'plug'?
  7. What's everyone's thoughts on this: http://www.wexphotographic.com/buy-sky-watcher-7ah-rechargable-power-tank/p1525822?cm_mmc=googlebase-extension-_-astronomy-mounts-_-astronomy-tripod-accessories-_-sky-watcher-7ah-rechargeable-power-tank_1525822&utm_source=googlebase-extension&cm_mmc=google+-+warehouse+cameras+%26+lenses-_-shopping+-+other+products-_-&mkwid=3iw12qr3&pcrid=54652739529&gclid=cia9id_kxsqcfejjtaodslmagw Seems to be cheaper than the other options?
  8. Thanks a lot - are there any particular products for either solution that you'd advise?
  9. Hi all, I've just upgraded my EQ5 mount to the full motorized SynScan version. I've had a successful afternoon of putting everything together - with thanks in no small part to this forum as usual - and am now left with figuring out a solution for a power supply. You'll know already that it requires a 12V DC supply with a 'car cigarette lighter' type port. Curious to know what other people use for power in this situation - is there some kind of popular rechargeable battery pack that connects to this?
  10. Thanks very much for your quick response - there's a myriad of items out there, when you say 'a ready made one' what would I be looking for exactly on a scope site?
  11. Hi all, I'm after some absolute 101 advice on how to get a great viewing - preferably some kind of projection - of the eclipse on March 20th. I have a Skywatcher 8" 200P and am completely new to solar astronomy. What are people's opinions for what to do my setup to get a strong projected image of the eclipse, or otherwise arranged so I can view without using the eyepiece?
  12. Makes perfect sense, I've found an inexpensive projection camera adapter online that will apparently allow me to use my existing 1.25" eyepieces within the chain. What do you mean by 'consequences'? What should I expect to suffer?
  13. Fantastic - Thanks for the advice given There is still one really simple and probably idiotic question in my mind. When I have a DSLR camera connected to a T-Ring and T-Ring adapter and then fastened into my scope directly where I would normally put eyepieces, is it still possible to use different magnifications? The focuser on my telescope and do that side of the work, but DSLR cameras can only zoom and magnify using their detachable lenses, right? By connecting the camera in this fashion I have neither its lens, or the eyepiece for the scope to display anything other than a x1 image. Wha
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