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  1. Well just to clarify, imagine you try on your friends glasses and they hurt you eyes and give you a headache, thats the seben. Or imagine trying to perform an Olympic pole volt with a spoon. Oh what about trying to build a house with semolina.... I guess you get the picture. I will film the slow painful death of the seben and put on YouTube ASAP... Watch this space!
  2. Hi all, Having decided I wanted a telescope and seeking advice on this site, to which I was advised the Dobsonian as a good scope (advice I should have heeded), I got very drunk and ordered a Seben Big Boss on ebay. Wow what a large aperture for such a cheap price I thought. Well, never have I regretted a purchase so much (apart from the time I was drunk and bought a car on ebay, to discover it didnt have an engine). Anyway, it is the most pathetic useless piece of equipment I have ever had the mispleasure of owning The optics are atrocious, grainy and blurred, the mount is equally as bad, cumbersome and awkward. If anyone has any good ideas on how I can destroy it, that will give me £120 of satisfaction, let me know. I am hoping the guys at the local tip will crush it with a JCB while I film it - I will post this on youtube if it happens!! So anyway, I have wasted my money, please anyone who thinks this is a good buy, DONT DO IT. I am left with about £100 that I'll either get some bino's with or a lower grade Celestron (any opinions welcome...). So thats it rant over, dont buy a Seben, get five toilet rolls, celotape them together and you'll have something vastly better. ROAR!!!!
  3. wow - i have a complete spine, but might go for chair as a back-up anyway!
  4. Thanks Ian - £250 is the max i can go to really ... and that includes other stuff i need like filters etc (i presume the scope comes with none...) i figure a 150dob will show me some messiers etc:headbang:
  5. Thanks everyone - a 150mm skywatcher dobsonian it is.... cue 40 nights of contious cloud!
  6. Cheers guys - So, if I'm correct this is really a case of the EQ v Altazimuth mounts? Is the EQ superior? How long would it take a Messier object or a planet to passs accross a typical lens? Constant nudging of Dob sounds like it could be annoying? Thanks
  7. Hi Moonshane / Peter, Thanks for the advice - I think I'll go with the Dobsonin mount in that case - I'll use the change on some filters and maybe a Barlow. Cheers - no doubt I'll be picking your brains again!! All the best.
  8. Hi all, On a previous thread it had been suggested to me that a Skywatcher 150 Dobsonian would be my best option as a starter scope for £200 - which looks good. Howevr, I have spotted the Newtonian SKYWATCHER EXPLORER-150 TELESCOPE costing £270 - Being an amateur, i'm not sure what the key differences are (looks aside) - is it just the tripod? what would the extra £70 give me and would it be worth it? Any useful advice would be much appreciated (I suspect a dealer would reccomend the more expensive option!)... Thanks
  9. A compelling case you make there Grunthos, pity I cant try before I buy...
  10. Thanks to everyone for their comments - it looks like I'll be in safe hands with the 150p dob, although it looks heavy and not easy to lug around! hadn't actually considered that one before. Thanks
  11. Hi everyone, I am relatively new to serious astronomy, always had an interest and can pick out objects with naked eye, but now want a scope. However, it pains me to read thread after thread of 'experts' suggesting binoculars.... I want a darn telescope!!! In terms of a purchase I am considering a Celestron Astromaster 130eq (despite horror stories re the spotter) or a TS Optics Megastar 150mm. To my despair it seems that the correct practice would be to spend that money (£200) on some binoculars.....really? I want to see Saturns rings, craters on the moon, deep space objects, sun spots etc - can this stuff be seen with binos? Not sure what to do now, advice would be well received - I wonder if there are others out there that went straight into a scope? - If so would be great to here your thoughts... I wonder what actual proportion of amateurs start with the bino approach? Cheers everyone:icon_salut:
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