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  1. Just popped out to get a look at Saturn rising in the South East and felt something brush against my leg (yes I am wearing shorts) and there is a skunk!!I tried not to startle him and he ambled off triggering the neighbours security light. Lucky not to get sprayed but ****** that my night vision was wrecked.
  2. Just had a look at the primary end,it's hard for me to say if it is sealed as there is a gap between the very end and what looks like a plate. If someone can verify that it is in fact sealed I will not bother with the shower cap.
  3. I just bought one to.The salesman suggested a shower cap for the open end to keep the bugs out (it is kept in the shed).I presume this should be removed during use to aid cooling otherwise they would have a permanent cap of some sort?
  4. yonner

    Hi from Canada

    Now in Cambridge Ontario,originally From Chadderton Lancs (Nr Oldham).Just got my Starwatcher 200 Dob.Not even looked through a scope before but had 7x50 bins.Studied celestial navigation before crossing Atlantic in my sail boat.Not easy to fix a position on land,almost impossible on a 26' boat in mid Atlantic. Thank gooness for GPS.I did have the ultimate dark sky though! I have camped in South Texas (Big Bend) where the skies are big and bright as the song goes,pity I didn't have a 'scope with me then.Have learned a lot from this site, thanks.
  5. Well I'm 67,I hope that I get a few years out of it.
  6. I have had my Skywatcher 200 Dobsonian now for three days,with two clear nights.My viewing conditions are pretty poor with street lights and the neighbors security light switching on and off but I have seen the moons and bands of Jupiter very clearly. It is -6c here in Canada with a clear sky but I am still surprised at the view considering the light pollution.I followed the comments on these forums before deciding on the 'scope and am very pleaded with it,having used only 7x50 binoculars in the past.I normally wear glasses both for reading and distance with correction for astigmatism,i am able to focus well without them, as I said , a pleasant surprise.
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