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  1. Interesting stats, my first visit to forum for over a year and not had scope out since May 12. Since my (temporary) move there's been no time. When there is we get clouds or the security lights come on - isolated church, not prison! Bins here we come
  2. I'd be happy to see anything, seems as if it's been cloudy since I got scope in March! There was a vid on BBC site earlier made by a guy on Lleyn peninsula in N Wales.
  3. Sunday night first night out for longer than I can remember and managed a few hours just wandering around. Even managed to get some use from new 15mm UWA and 28mm Panaview but had no idea what I was looking at. Had great plans for Monday night and decided I wanted to find at least one galaxy from TLAO. At moment I'm on my 3rd dose of paracetamol and throat spray for some infection I picked up from being outside! Should've stuck to golf.
  4. Shwmai Kev & welcome. I've got a 15x70 Celestron and they're pretty good, I think I paid £55 from Astronomica. They also have a money back offer to refund the amount paid against your upgrade to a telescope,should only work on scope to scope sales but I think they're flexible. Lots of info on using bins here plus a book I started with - Stargazing with Binoculars, does what it says on the cover and a great one to get you started.
  5. Thanks for your advice Paul, Paulus and John. You can guess I'm not very practical/forward thinking . I've got 4 x 2 inch castors 2 of which have brakes on and are attached with 4 screws. I want to mod the base to make it move a bit more freely also using Teflon or milk bottle disks, if I screw directly to ground board would this affect this movement?
  6. Apologies if this has been asked before, I've not been able to find the answer to this. I've got hold of some castors so that I can make a "trolley" for my 200 Dob. I just want to make it mobile so I can move it around in my back garden rather than picking it up and walking about with it. Would it be better to attach these straight on to the base board or on to another piece of wood? Thanks Garth
  7. Haven't been out for 3 weeks, too much cloud and far too late for this old codger.
  8. So that's where "Swansea Jack" comes from?!
  9. Hi Terry welcome. Don't be afraid to ask a question, however daft it sounds to you. The members here are a great bunch and someone will know the answer to whatever you ask.
  10. Hi Marcelekke, welcome to SGL
  11. Hi kamikaze, you'll find lot's of help here. Although I've not attempted collimation myself yet, this site http://www.andysshotglass.com/Collimating.html is also useful
  12. Ok, it doesn't have a roll off roof; ok it's not even an obsy. But it's Stella's new home and we think it's great. As scope is called Stella, can I name it Stellarium? Garth
  13. My first time there! Can't believe it's taken me this long!
  14. Fantastic Tractionman. This is my project for next week.
  15. I'm sure I know the answer to this but got to ask any way! can I use this to make filter(s) for binoculars and if so should they be just taped down or made to fit snuggly?
  16. Can't make it, in Northern Spain on walking holiday. Have a good night
  17. Steve & Mat, thanks. I'll do that soon, been threatening to come up since I discovered SGL. Hope to make ToV next month, but without scope - I don't have solar film.
  18. Haven't been to any dark site yet, a bit of a worrier where collimating is concerned and keep thinking I'll knock it out of collimation & won't know how to get it fixed. I know, wuss! I'll try it sometime when I get a bit of confidence.
  19. On wish list is an easily transportable scope, I don't trust myself moving 200 dob. Mainly though I'm hoping SW Panaview turns up soon. Oh and a course on collimating.
  20. Hi Steve. I started with Celestron bins and fully intended to keep them for a year before getting scope. I lasted 4 weeks. Enjoy and use them to learn as much of night sky as you can, it'll stand you in good stead
  21. Hi Nubian, congratulations on not getting free clouds with scope.
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