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  1. Nice to see another Norfolkian on the site:icon_salut: Graham
  2. Yes, I used to live in a town so it's great living out here. Country lanes for biking, no neighbours so no Amateur Radio RFI and not too much light pollution (although I must figure out a way to turn he lights out on the A140 roundabout half a mile away )
  3. Folks, Thought you might be interested to see a mate of mines' efforts at building from scratch a couple of 20" Dobsonians. He made everything himself including a two washing machine polishing device for the Pyrex glass! I was completely gobsmacked when I saw this in operation! Makes interesting reading: J Swanepoel - May 11 He's based right down at the bottom of South Africa near George where the skies seemed to be perfectly clear all year. A couple of photos attached to wet your appetite.
  4. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Graham
  5. Chris (cjg), You never know. It just depends what time I get back from work travel on Friday. I'll keep you posted. Graham
  6. Hi all, Greetings from deepest darkest Norfolk. Just getting back into astronomy after a 10 year break. Getting the old Chinese 4.5" reflector out over Xmas got me all enthsuiastic again so went and purchased a secondhand 10" Skywatcher Goto Synscan Dobby. Just dug out the base for the 8x6 observatory (shed with roof sawn off!) and should be up and running by next weekend, he says hopefully. I'll keep you posted how I get on (if anyones interested of course!). Also biking and Amateur Radio so will have to share the spare time carefully. Few photos uploaded one of shed being guarded by our goose, one of the hole for the base ready to be concreted and one of the outlook to the SE. Pretty open from North round to SouthWest (the long way round). Still finding my way round the lounge so apologies if things get messy to start with!. Cheers, Graham
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