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  1. Thx guys. If it costs that much I'll send it back and see if replacement works out of the box.
  2. Hi . we grabbed a skyprodigy 130 in a Amazon lightening deal. To have something small and quick when we don't want to go full on with the DOB. All set up but handset is bringing back alignment errors and when 'manually' pointed using handset didn't seem to track. So, we thought we would update software. Hubby is saying deletion website says it needs a special cable, but no such came with the scope nor can we see how to buy one. Have we missed/ done something ? I have been following forum entries on skyprodigy since launch & have searched posts but can't find an answer and others seem to have updated firmware fine. Thx for any advice. Sharon.
  3. Hi, I have a Hyp which I use for planetary with my 10" F4.7 Dob. & as planet in centre the edges are not an issue BUT at c.17mm as others have said, it's not the right one for you. I have the 24mm Maxxvision which is fantastic for the money & would jump at the 16mm if it were not for the fact I wear glasses and the Eye Relief on it is marginal for me. If you don't observe wearing glasses that's what I'd recommend you consider.
  4. Thx all. I had thought I'd respoinded on my phone but not showing here so will again thank those who pointed me in the right direction. I had looked at the Sponsor Announcements thread but not gone back far enough - sorry for wasting peoples time. We were v v short of funds at the start of the year and expected that to continue so it didn't stick with me at the time, but in some ways sadly we are inheriting some funds so 'nice to have's' are once again possible. Steve - thx, will be in touch via your email system.
  5. Hi, Browsing FLO I came across this http://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-skyprodigy/celestron-skyprodigy-130.html Harrison Telescopes also had ( also Sold Out) it at the same price. This seems about 50% of it's usual price. Normally I'd put it down to some dodgy pricing on an item they cannot supply but don't think FLO would do that sort of thing being 'straight up' people with a good rep. Does anyone know what's been going on? TBH at that price I'd snap one up to take on camping hols etc. when the fancy 'aligning / finding' electronics would be worth it as I don't want to spend time doing it myself. I'll save that for at home with the Dob. I see Bristol Cameras have it 'Available to Order' at £479 as do a couple of other retailers I've never heard of. Normally I understand the 6" SCT is the better scope in this range but if the 130 were a real bargin.....
  6. Talking theoretically, I would have thought it was just the sort of thing that 3D printing was designed for. Quite a simple shape and single colour so even a basic printer would be able to do it. But low volume as they are quite variable as you say. As a business model you would buy the design online and download it, then print it off locally either at home or a local print shop ( in the way we once went to a shop to get photocopies done). Think of all the postage, travel miles, packaging , CO2 etc. saved.
  7. I've just had to look at ours to see where the handle is ! - we are lucky and keep it assembled and with 2 of us are able to move it 'as one' using the 2 handles that go thru base to OTA. In can see it would be a problem if not secure very secure and you need to move the base on it's own. We would do as Charic suggests ( when I say 'we' I mean hubby whose DIY skills are better than mine) Welcome to the firm, it's a great scope I hope you enjoy it as much as we love ours.
  8. I have loaded the Occular plug in for Stellarium and that does exactly what I'd hoped + the bonus of Telrad circles which will be really helpful. Adjusted to 'light speed' and hubby (ex software engineer ) went into the .ini file as suggested and reset 'the rot offset' so now all aligns. So, thanks everyone who made suggestions. I'll now look at the other sites suggested as they look interesting too. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks for the update. My understanding from camera forums is that Microglobe sell a lot of 'grey imports' , as well as UK sourced stuff, & so their prices simply reflect the price they were able to buy in at from whatever source they could get. They are not 'disreputable' but the behaviour you describe re pricing fits with that business model.
  10. Thanks everyone, Good to know it wasn't something I was doing stupid and that it seems I can correct Stellarium. Will try that and the plug in later.
  11. OK, went out Great Red Spot hunting on Jupiter last night. The skyandtelescope's 2014 list said it would be central 17.55 UT / GMT. Couldn't get it at all, have 'thought I'd seen it' a number of times prevoiusly but last night was prepared to put the time and patience in to just keep looking until I definitely got it. I could see what seemed like 'smaller' variations in the bands but nothing like GRS. I fired up Stellarium and that showed GRS right on the edge of the planet at that time (17.55). I have checked my basic settings in Stellarium - location settings and date and time settings all correct. I then went to some other sites thinking maybe skyandtelescope had had a 'typo' but other sites said the same. I trust both sources so accept I must be doing something wrong, anyone any ideas what it could be? Anywhere else I could look? I know the 'Jupiter moons site' which is great for the moons but that isn't detailed enough for the GRS. At the same time I have failed miserably to find a way to make Stellarium give zoomed in close up's in 'Inverted' image as my dob will, is there one? A plug in maybe? I appreciate that for general mapping and finding you want it correct way, but the mental gymnastics in trying to rotate the planet in my mind to match my EP view was too much for me! Any help appreciated, thanks. Sharon.
  12. Thanks all, I know £50 bins. isn't much to some of you but when neither of you are working any more you need to take care of whatever you can afford. In fact even when we were both working & very 'comfortable' I was bought up to take care of my things regardless of cost , maybe I am out of touch with new 'disposable culture'. Just re-read that & now I feel like a grumpy old person & I'm only late 40's - sorry! Anyway, thanks I get no need to be super careful ( I too keep a pair of 10x50's in the car) but as I suspected the uneven stresses etc. of leaving attached to the monopod like I have been increase the risks. So, I will probably try the leave L bracket on at home & use the QR plate. Of course, if I go out and about they will be properly cased up etc. Thanks again.
  13. Use both a cap (old 35mm photo film DIY version) and the premium Cheshire. When you say 'the instructions' have you looked at http://www.astro-baby.com/collimation/astro%20babys%20collimation%20guide.htm we found it very helpful when starting.
  14. Hi, Having got some Revelation 15x70's which I am using as per Steve's recommended 'starter' set up of mounted on Monopod using trigger grip and metal L bracket, they are great for just picking up when there is a gap in clouds etc. So, they have for the last few days been left mounted, but as they are not then stored 'flat' I am concerned that if I did that long term it could put stresses on the body that would affect the optics in some way? Am I worrying needlessly or are there any good or bad ways to do this? If I put them 'flat on their top with the monopod and grip sticking up, does the weight of the grip (lovely metal beast!) in particular bear down or the bridge??? I have tried other positions like placed upright on the 70 dia lenses ( with caps on of course) and the grip angled so monopd also rests on table... I would prefer not to have to fiddle having to screw L bracket onto them every time before use as having them like this 'grab and go' is so handy, but don't want to ruin them with poor storage. Appreciate any thoughts, thanks.
  15. We built solar film to cover the whole 10" aperture but leave the main cap on just using the small hole Robin refers to, belt and braces I guess but means we have both and no chance of sunlight in at the edges of the main cover causing an issue.
  16. Stopped dithering and got the Revalation 15 x 70's as well. Arrived today, very well packed and seem good on terrestrial views but forecast is, of course, cloudy nights for the next few days.
  17. We have a 10" dob and saw Mars very well last year , detail and ice caps. Were still very much beginnners with it at that stage. That was before had a UHC filter so it will help but definitely not 'required'.
  18. Afraid I can't answer your question re impact of filter as I just use 1.25" filters on the 'end' of my Hyp but just wanted to say that I find the FTR's very useful for exactly the reason / usage pattern you suggest. Generally the 14mm FTR stays on in storage and if that works I try pushing it by using / adding the 28mm on the other hand if conditions aren't up to it I take the 14mm off and use it 'naked'. Even though my fast dob gives the Hyps edge issues, cos I'm using it for planets mainly keeping them central means it's not an issue. Got to see the 5th star in the Trapezium in M42 with it a couple of nights ago for the first time - again keeping it central no worries about distortion. So, I think you are going in the right direction - hopefully someone can answer your specific question.
  19. Hi, I don't have that scope & whilst many will , there are fewer of us in Devon & Cornwall who look at this particular page than you might think. I'd suggest re-asking the question on General or equipment help and Advice and you are likely to get a better response.
  20. If I upgrade to C 15 x 70 , which I am seriously considering, I will get them from Amazon as their 30 days return policy is so good I'll have that time to check collumation and if it's out send back , for another pair or refund as I feel having played with them for a while.
  21. Another endorsement for Binocular Sky for basic info. I took it that first decision is 'Do I want something that I can use handheld for any length of time or am I happy to have to use a monopod / tripod?' - that then governs if you go for high mag or better quality ( or if budget allows both!) I'd read that then put some questions & things like budget in the Binoculars specific thread, you will probably get more answers there.
  22. Of our collection, the maxvisions link given above by Paul ( Meade clones) are by far the best for our 250PX , much better at edges than the Hyperion. Although I do not have personal experience of the H zoom , I would go for 2 of the maxvisions, maybe 16 and 24 then something like a TV Possl for high mag. The only reason I do not have a 16 mv is I wear glasses to view and ER is too short on that.
  23. I tried specsavers top notch varifocals last year and couldn't get focus in my left eye at all. Went back they checked everything out , declared that my eyes weren't suitable for varifocals so I stayed with single vision. Last week I went for annual eye test but in view of above went to local independent option for 'second opinion' and told them what specsavers had said. The test there was much longer and included elements I have never had at ss, like looking at how my eye's coped with parallax effect and laser projected lines. They have identified a problem but say that Zeiss Independent 2 lenses which are computer modelled to individual eyes and the specific frames from series of photos they took of me in the frames at the opticians should do the job. Downside - £375 just for the lenses. Should get them early Jan. and will see. I have always been short sighted with high astigmatism, so sounds like whatever happens I will need to continue to use my existing single vision glasses for astro work. Wookie - £114 sounds quite cheap for varifocals so if you don't adapt it may be the quality of the lenses are not good enough for how your eyes like to work. But considering with how much these ones are costing me I have a lot of sympathy with just going back to 2 pairs.
  24. We went for solid tube as like you it's back garden observing for us. I can just about carry the 10" out from our conversatory to our patio on my own but it would have needed 2 of us to do the 12". But them I'm a small, weak, middle aged female with back issues! So, as others have said it's really down to seeing them in the flesh and finding out what you personally can cope with. If money's tight I would say not to bust your whole budget on a fast scope - at f4.7 / f4.9 both will be fussy about EP's esp. widefield and it seems c. £100 per EP+ is really what's needed. I believe a 10" + quality EP's to suit the scope, will perform better than a 12" with EP's that can't cope. Of course, you may not be budget constrained, in which case go for the largest you can manhandle comfortably.
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