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  1. Cool Roka, Coming along nicely! 60secs would meant that you may get nearer 70% (ish) success rate with your frames. Did you increase your ISO? The PE on these trackers range from 23-40 arcsecs for smaller tracker and from 10 arcsecs for the AstroTrac and as little as 6 arcsecs for the SkyGuider over 10 minutes. These have been confirmed independent tests. I'm getting 6-8mins with my AstroTrac with a 70-300mm Zoom and a EOS450D, and 90% success rate. Look forward to see some of your images soon!
  2. Hi Roka, If you were on holiday, and under really dark skies then you'd no doubt get even better results! I'd be happy with that result. This is really good for a 60secs. I would have gone with 30secs, a higher ISO and a small lightweight 66mm APO Doublet to let in more light. I'm actually going try this, as the scope I have comes in just 2100 grammes. Add that to my EOS 450D and I'm nearly a kilo within the payload of 3.5kgs. For extra silliness I'll also see what I can do with a 3x Barlow (1200 fl) and a webcam for some planetary! I've previously benchmarked the iOptron SkyTracker aga
  3. The idea of doing 20 minute podcasts is that we can produce more higher quality episodes. We are planning some longer 'specials'. We have found many people skip through 60 minute podcasts, or listen to them in parts. As we tighten up our production we will be increasing the shows. It's all down to how much people like what we do. Thanks for the feedback so far and keep it coming. We will be doing more book, Apps, software and telescope reviews!
  4. Thanks Lee for the link. It'll be interesting to see how many can turn up at short notice. We will be announcing our text-alert service soon to members, as many don't pick up their e-mail in time.
  5. HantsAstro - FREE Observing Tonight @ Butser Hill 6.30pm Hi - just to let you know that as it's going to be 100% clear tonight - we are arranging a LAST MINUTE OBSERVING SESSION tonight (10th Oct) on the top of BUTSER HILL (Tower side - not Butser Ancient Farm). I realise that this is extremely short notice and some of you may not be able to make it - but for all of you that can please come along at 6.30pm and join us for what should be a fantastic evenings observing. Butser Hill (Tower side) is FREE observing, however, there is a parking charge of £1.00 Directions to Butser Hill: J1 A3(M)
  6. We're still meeting at Butser Ancient Farm, nr Chalton now twice a month and Butser Hill once a month, as well as INTECH nr Winchester. The skies can be great on the east-side... Mag 20+. Great to see SCAG going well. How is the New Forest these days??? Dave.
  7. We'll be bringing along our 16" and 10" dobsonians, and a Skymax 102 to check targets. We will also be testing a new digital setting circles Alt/Az gizmo, that uses inclinometers to 0.1 degree. Should be interesting to see how it works. Cloud from 25% to <3% by midnight, but quite mild at 15C.
  8. Once the the review is complete I'd be happy to publish it.... ;-)
  9. MoonFest@Petersfield, Hants 18th April 2010. Starts 7.30pm The Town Council Playing Fields nr the TARO Centre, Penns Place, Petersfield GU31 4EX Free Public Astronomy Event! Come along...Clear Skies? Hope so! HantsAstro - MoonFest Free Astronomy in Hampshire Bring along a telescope or use ours, we'll have may there to see through... Back up date 25th April 2010 if too cloudy. :-( See you there! Pic below is MoonFest@Alton with over 160 visitors that night!
  10. Watch the Shuttle STS-131 live! Lift-off at 10.21am today! It will repeated throughout the next few days after launch. Courtesy of spaceflightnow.com
  11. Hi Yeti, It went really, really well. The skies were crystal clear until 11pm and it was a bit heart-in-mouth due to the bad weather for two days before. I think we were the only public outreach event in Hampshire that night. It was a gamble and luckily for the 150+ visitors that night. Several visitors brought their own telescopes. I think we would have had more people but the weather was soo good, we couldn't quite believe it ourselves. No matter, those that came had a great time, so I'd be happy if just a dozen turned up. It's what our groups was built for... We're trying to organising one
  12. Here's a picture of what's in store with some of the darkest skies in the South... Taken with a Canon G10
  13. These ones are (from left to right) The Warm Room - and the other two are for traders. I have some pics I'll post in the morning, as I'm working on a 4 page article for next months Look Up! magazine. The Chalets are about the same size as above, and have en-suite shower and loo, tea/coffee, a proper bed. Warm too and a big step up from camping. The 6 berth self-catering units come with a full kitchen, TV and lots more space. It's a great site, and no light pollution looking over the Channel.
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