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  1. I used my PDS130 on EQ5 and Canon 350. 40 x 30 second 21 flats 21 darks and 21 bias. And eventually got a image after 4 failed attempts with DSS, i had the settings wrong. Not very good with these things.
  2. First go at imaging in over 12 months. Due to Rubbish weather and Rubbish skies in the grim industrial north.
  3. +1 for the focuser on the 130, but i have only used rack n pinion or single speed crayfords before. So to me the dual speed crayford on the 130 is fantastic. And could'nt think of any reason to change it.
  4. Ok here goes, tonights M81 M82. 140 30 second subs with flats darks and bias. Not a patch on the excellent images displayed above but hey ho.
  5. Thats a great feeling seeing the image you captured. Makes all the faf n kaffufle worth it. You have the same set up as me, its a cracking little scope aint it.
  6. Oh and for planetary i use a 150PL with philips SPC wecbam. That was got second hand.
  7. I think what i am using is a good start for astroimaging EQ5 with RA motor about £300 and a Skywatcher 130pds with comma correcter, £260. The scope is great but i know eventually i will probably upgrading the mount. Is a expensive pastime thats for sure.
  8. This Orion and Running man where taken in December when i got the 130pds. I have reproccessed the original TIFF. Just used levels to get rid of light polution, and put a shallow s shape in curves. The TIFF was 188mb so my abacus was very slow using GIMP. Anyhow i still have the glow from the right, its there no matter what part of the sky i am imaging. So i guess that rules out nearby street lights. Any ideas, or is it just the limitations of gear and sky conditions. I was happy with this picture, i know the middle is washed out, but not got round to blending different length exposures yet.
  9. Will have a look at CS 2, eggy, didnt know you could get computers which produce odore. LoL. Yes i thought they where too. I dont have an account with any of the file sharing sites. Might remedy that when i get a new refurbe computer in next couple of weeks.
  10. Thanks for the nice comments, some good improvements there. I guess i will have to learn more about using Gimp, it totaly baffles me. I can use some of it ok. After reading various articles. I dont have to much trouble getting good polar alignment, so tracking is usually fine. Over the 2 hours i spent on M51 it remained in virtually the same place in the frame. Have done up to 90 seconds in the past. This was my second attempt at M51, the first was with a 80mm f5 Acro, so some false colour. Reckon getting more subs would help to. I do need to replace my steam powered computer too, which should speed up the stacking and proccessing. I will look into the Lp filter when funds allow. And i would like to add that the 130pds is a cracking little scope, only had it a couple of months, but its done nothing but rain since then. Possible clear night tonight, so might get out again.
  11. Hi all been dabbling in imaging for a bit, not completely new to it. Just looking for some pointers as to what i might be doing wrong. Equipment was 130pds on RA motored EQ5, coma corrector, Canon 350d. Had to dump some of the subs due to passing cloud. 115 60s with 21 flats darks and bias. Stacked in DSS, proccessed in GIMP. I normally stick to 800iso but used 1600 to cut exposure time down due to no guiding (as yet). Just used the recommended settings in DSS and what little i know about using GIMP i got from Mr Richards excellent book. It is cropped so even more noisy for it. I always have problems with the sky background, being unevenly lit. Light pollution here is as bad as it gets, so sure that dont help. Anyhow i was made up to get 2 hours in and thought i would have had something a little better. Hey Ho.
  12. yes i use a cheap barlow with the lens unscewed off it, to extend the eyepiece to focus. I have a 130pds which has a dual speed crayford. All seems solid when its locked, but am careful not to knock anything out of adjustment.
  13. A crude way i have used, is focus camera with mask. Lock the focuser, remove camera and replace with eyepiece. Sliding the eyepiece in focuser to achieve focus, then lock eyepiece in place with lock screws, Find object. Replace camera. Got a Telrad finder now, which seems to make finding stuff easier.
  14. Nothing to do with this post, i know nothing. But i like your profile pic Proto star. Horsehead over Tubeway Army 1st album cover. Very good.
  15. I have just purchased the 130pds too, are you using the skywatcher coma correcter? I see you dont use any flat frames, is there much vignetting, as i was hoping to get away without flats. Have not had the scope out yet due to constantly cloudy british sky.
  16. I just sold the 80mm F5 version. It wasnt Opticstar but identical except for the badge. Nice little scope built like a tank. full metal consruction. I used it for a bit of imaging, but as you would expect there was quite a bit of false colour going on. And great as a portable scope too.
  17. With you their, cant afford expensive gear, to many hobbies. I got this with a £120 80mm F5 achromat the other night. From heavy light pollutted area. 60x40 sec +21 darks. EQ5 with RA motor and Cannon D350. If clear tommorrow gonna get about 90 minutes worth, and see how much improvement there will be.
  18. Damn it that means i have to go spend some more money now. Well at least i would also have the option of 5x if i stack em.
  19. Software is Sharpcap and Registax 6. My first effort was Jupiter last week but i didnt use the barlow, so its quite small. Would the Tal handle more magnification. Thought it was on its limits with 2x barlow. But would be interesting to try a 3x i guess.
  20. My first picture posting too. From last night, poor conditions with high thin cloud kept passing by. 1000 from 3000 frames. SPC 900 on a Tal 100rs with 2x barlow, EQ5. Came out better than i expected.
  21. Doh, just realised its a 100r you have. They have much less travel on the focuser than the RS. But i find with mine i am winding the focuser out a long way if i dont use extension tube. My camera is a Canon 350d.
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