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  1. :laughing3: nah, th say "go for your life" :mrgreen: allegedly
  2. fogot to mention, adjusting these can knacker your scope all too easily, so I'm not endorsing it.
  3. It's not technically an 'end user' feature -and, importantly, I'm not recommending anyone has a go at it -underneath the felt on the side of the cell there are usually 4 recessed grub screws (sometimes there two sets, on for the middle element and one for the rear element). The theory is that if you shift an element, it effectively changes the distance between the optical surfaces, therefore changing the spacing slightly. You also have to take into account the temperature of the cell / glass as that plays an important role in how well the lens fits the cell. Please don't try it, as the screws are glued in place aswell. It's worth noting that these are tiny adjustments, and not 'collimation' in the traditional sense. you wouldn't normally do it outside, you would need an optical test rig. It's rare for a triplet to be along way out, so we are talking fine detail that would take a lot of finding on the night sky.
  4. Cheers. I don't post because I work for TH, and I don't particularily feel the need to be associated with them whilst I'm on a forum as i do it for my own enjoyment as part of my hobby. I'm aware that some may assume I'm bias, as I make no actual secret of what I do, but I don't think I am. I wouldn't want to detract from Steve's business as it's directly linked (in part) to this forum,as he is the sole sponsor and good luck to him. I know what it's like trying to make a living in this business. You're not speaking out of turn, so don't worry . I can see the point, but if I become labelled as a retailer, it starts being work (and I'm not a retailer and don;t work in TH technically), and it starts making it awkward to voice my opinion. I don't like bulls**t and marketing, I like astronomy and telescopes, and I supose I'm what some would politely call forthright, although I've been called alot worse. Vega's the better colour test by the way. False colour capital of the universe . Steve
  5. I wasn't aware it had blown up Steve. Although, in fairness, so you have a 'pretty clear' idea especially now that Ian has been bought into the conversation as you felt the need to phone him, I've worked on around 30 WO scope's in total, over the past few years, not all the same model and most through my profession as well as some for Ian. Ian simply likes to test products prior to sale as I'm sure you do . I wasn't trying to have a pop WO, or their dealers, or attempting to do them any injustice whatsoever, it was merely an example -though it would seem a poorly chosen one at that. For balance, I've worked on Tak's, Astrophysics, quite a few Vixen's, and TMB's to similar levels, WO was the example as they were the first to try and mass produce larger cells at a cheap price -and it has to be said they have done so with a degree of sucess which is clear. I make no attempt to post in connection with Telescope House. If it's better for me to refrain from enterring these discussions then that's fine, as i wouldn't want to upset the applecart, or harm any potential sales for any retailers on here..this is supoesed to be social after all.
  6. Hi Steve, Firstly I think it can be acheived consistently at the price, as steps are taken post production to make sure of it. Yes it's technically after market, but ity's good for the end user. You're right TH are not a Wiliams dealer (but were a long while ago). I've done alot of work for Ian King as he is a friend of mine, so in fact I have worked on quite a few. I've been in this business for going on 15 years, I've owned more refractors than I care to think about, and I've worked on scopes from 60mm achro's to respacing 8" TMB triplets, so I don't really think I'm exaggerating, I'm just trying to contribute to a discussion drawing on my experience. It's an opinion that's all. I'm not a retailer, and I'm not representing Telescope House either, so I have no intention of applying for retailer status thanks.
  7. I know TH don't handpick review stuff, as a) it makes little difference to the review, and I don't have time as they usually come back needing attention anyway. I checked that particular one after the review as it was the first into the country (and only one at that point) so went straight out for the review before I got to see it- and I personally didn't believe the accuracy / validity or fairness of the test in the magazine. I would assume that other suppliers follow the same rule. You also need to bear in mind that when you see a group test for instance, they can test 3 or 4 pairs of identical binoculars from the same factory and give them different results, so what's the point of going to all the effort? I do, however check Apo's prior to sale when bought from TH. So you are not in the least bit naive. Besides,the first I know about it is when the review's in print which can be good, and can be bad. Steve.
  8. I am the second part of the European quality control . I've tested every Meade 127 sold by TH prior to sale and have not had a bad one - including the 'not cooled down properly'sky at night review one. The Meade is optically a better scope than the Skywatcher's in terms of colour correction etc.. as you would expect from a triplet. The doublet will appear evrso slightly brighter as there are less optical surfaces so for purely visual use it's a tough call. The Meade also uses Japanese Ohara FCD-1 Steve's pretty much right about the cell. No-one in the 'cheaper' stakes i.e WO as a prime example (I've worked on a lot of them) make all these great triplets over 80mm, but can't make a cell that keeps the lens spacing right. That's why TMB's etc.. are the price they are. Most of these chinese based larger triplets will suffer from varying degrees of spacing issues, and lens tension issues because the cells are generally poorly set up. The WO's typically use 4 grub screws to move one or more of the elemets of the triplet cell to effectively change the spacing, thus changing the collimation also. This method in principle is sound, but using 4 adjusters does not work properly,especially if you are moving 2 elements - you need to use 3 at 120 degrees to make accurate adjustments. Also if the adjusters are too tight you then get various abberations on the image. Now it is fair to say that most of these issues you would never see under the night sky under normal conditions visually, but when you start putting your camera on it's a different story. It's rare to see a non-respaced triplet with a truly concentric diffraction pattern straight out of the box. All this aside, the Equinox 120's are outstanding telescopes and would be a great all rounder. I have not found a pup yet. Steve
  9. I can fix it if need be, but I think 'supercharges' are a waste of money so don't offer it as a service.
  10. Google may be great, but it ain't what we do..It'll certainly take some tickling :mrgreen:
  11. Meade will not suplpy 'em to anyone The one I have is about 1.5" round. I would think making your own with a decal kit would be the best bet.
  12. you won't get any genuine Meade decalls, not even I can get those I do however have one of the self adhesive Meade 'star' logo's -the ones on the dec knobs in the toolbox at work if that's any use. Steve
  13. Thanks chaps. I've actually decided not to bother strangely enough. rather than spen time collection data and ages processing it, I've decided to build up a small 'portfolio' of simple images like this M45 for this season so I have some reasonale pictures to keep the enthusiasm up, then re-visit them next year and spend time doing them properly. I'm happy with what I'm getting on single shot for now and I must admit I find imaging a bit boring really. Whilst the observatory is imaging, I'm in the garden with my newly finished 3" brass refractor getting backache. Go figure. Anyway, thanks for the cool feedback. Trev, get your backside up to TH so we can make your shadastron C11 all nice and shiny for your observatory Steve.
  14. piccies of the pm1 required as a matter of urgency!! Nope, I didn't hear about it, but then it's possible he phoned TH and got Alan, in which case I'd never of heard of it.
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