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  1. I did try collimating them before they were sent of too the repairers but it was so far out i was either over or under compensating. I thought giving it to the pros would be far less messy. I wish I didn't now. At this point I don't want to blame them as the bonus might have been knocked in transit but I had no paperwork in the bag to say what they did. I will give your advice a try Damo thanks, sending them off again to be charged the same just is not worth considering.
  2. I will send them an email but I can't afford to send them of again. I also wanted them for going up north to the cairngorms this xmas. If I send them of I might not get them back in time. Totally bummed by this. It's also possible they weren't damaged by Gladgow Bono repairs but were mishandled by the carrier?
  3. Just got my 15x70s back after a trip to Glasgow bino repair for a service. They are mildly out of collomation, better than before they left but still OOC. They had been dropped before resulting in a fairly misaligned left and right view. I don't see doubles anymore but they are still OOC, gutted as it cost me £79 + £10 pp to get them repaired. They were pretty bad before they left to go to there workshop but I would have expected at least a note to say what they had done to the binoculars I got a text with a request to pay the charge and they arrived 2 days after payment cleared. What should I do?
  4. 9x60 and 10x50 will seem very close in resolving the same objects. The larger objective (60) might allow for viewing objects that are dimmer than the 50mm but the extra weight of the 60mm will make them harder to hold making the view a little shakier negating any benefit of the 60mm over 50mm. I have no idea of the quality of the optics but the pentax are very good. Try them both, whichever you prefer keep and sell the other. The pentax has a great warranty (30 years I think).
  5. I had 20x60 pcf wp II which were quite stiff but this was actually a benefit as it meant focus was more precise than cheaper bridge focus binoculars. If they are unusable I'm sure the retailer will accept them back and offer a refund but there are few if any binoculars in this price range that equal the pcf wp II binoculars. I would suggest you ask for a replacement rather than a refund as the binoculars are very good for the price.
  6. I have tried many different sizes of binoculars (all porro pism style) 8x42, 7x50, 10x50, 20x60, 15x70 and 20x80 and quite honestly the size is not as important as the quality. My best pair so far have been a £200 pair of 10x50 william optics ed binoculars. I would recommend them. 10x50 is optimal for hand holding and light grasp plus I see more with these than budget 20x80s.
  7. I did mount them on a tripod which offered better views than hand held but didn't help much with the blacking out or double image.
  8. Unfortunately these binoculars are too wide an IPD for me to use comfortably. I found it difficult to merge the two images together without spending some time placing my head in exactly the right position. I cannot justify the expense if they do not suit my short IPD. When I did try these on orion the Mage was great. The moon had a very detailed and CA free image. They do suit a tripod best but can be handheld for a short time. I balanced the front of the unit against a chair as a makeshift tripod which worked. If it were not for the IPD/image blacking issue I would keep them. In comparison with the WO 10x50 I think the WO offer cleaner viewers but the image is smaller. There is better colour rendition through the WO.
  9. I received the 20x60 last night and between the break in the clouds was able to perform an initial test on the binoculars. These performed very well. Jupiter was a bright ball with 3 pin point moons but no planetary detail. The air was very turbulent so the planet was obscured from view many times. The look and feel of the binoculars is quality vs quantity so may seem underwhelming against more expensive or "larger" binoculars. There is no play or looseness in the mechanism, looking through the objective to the prisms and to the ocular there is nothing sticking out and the exit pupils are perfectly circular but small (3mm is a small exit pupil). The case is a little poor i.e. Soft fabric so offers no real protection and the caps are loose and easy to lose if not careful. I would sum up my overall feeling that this a quality piece of equipment with great optics. I also would recommend a sturdy tripod as 20x is a lot of magnification to hold steady. My travel tripod which is meant for portability is barely adequate. Any knocks to the legs causes the image to move position. I will be mounting these on a heavy duty tripod later and will give a more thorough review against my 10x59 ed.
  10. Well I have 2 tripods at home and 2 adapters so I will do a side by side between these and my WO 10x50 ed bins. Weather permitting.
  11. Yes I will be mounting them on a tripod or my eq3-2 pro. But where possible I will try to hand hold. Given there weight 1.4kg vs a 3kg 20x80 I'm hoping I will get more use out of them than the revelation Astro.
  12. i was unaware of the weight of a pair of these 20x60 binoculars. I have wanting to purchase a pair of giant binos for over a year, I tried the revelation Astro but found the view uninspiring. I got a pair of skymaster 15x70 but they were out of collimation. I tried helios 15x70 @ £270 but there was an optical fault so I sent them back. I have william optics 10x50 which have stunning views and can be hand held for short periods. What has made me sit on the fence so long is the weight of the 20x80 models. The pentax weigh less than my 10x50 so theoretically can be hand held but I do have several tripods to use with them as well. Hopefully the weather tonight will permit some good views ..... I will post a comparative review of the 10x50 vs 20x60 in a week once I have had a chance to test the binoculars.
  13. I'm not sure if it was Comet Lovejoy but through severe light pollution and with a bright white light lamp post staring directly at me I could find a blob very similar to a globular cluster to the south and west of the Pleides. Was this Lovejoy?
  14. Lol the closest dark site to me is about 100 miles away. Wouldn't dream of cycling that, the thought of going out in the dark and cycling plus the thought of cycling back just to get a glimpse of a deep space object that I can't see at home! Perhaps I would suggest a weekend at a dark sky site camping?
  15. I would pass on binoculars that are knowingly sold as having a collimation problem. If you owned £300 30x80 binos that had a collimation issue wouldn't you just send them of for repair rather than lose £200 on selling them?
  16. I have the az3 and eq3 and a Skytee2. I attempted to fit the legs of each to the az3 but the connection plate is very different, I dont think its possible. It may be possible to take the legs off each at the bolts connecting to the plate but if I remember correctly they also were a little short in width!
  17. Don't be fooled by advertising and peoples opinions, a good 6-8" newtonian will resolve a lot more detail than a 25x100 binocular. In addition the scope can be used to view a wider variety of items in more detail dependant on the eyepieces used. A binocular is of course more portable and requires less setup time. The 3d effect of using 2 eyes can help to increase the viewing experience but is no match for a telescopes ability to resolve greater detail. Most owners of decent quality binoculars also own decent quality telescopes as the two items are for different purposes. If the binocular is a good price and collimated correctly buy it and enjoy. If you really enjoy them but want to progress buy a telescope later.
  18. I tested the view through the 28mm 2" eyepiece against a 25mm plossl and the 28mm is significantly wider. A step up in quality as well.
  19. Is it possible to control eq3 pro motors with the dual axis handset? I have an eq3 with both stepping motors for alt and dec but the control box is faulty. I have no synscan controller either so an alternative is to buy the dual axis motors. Thanks in advance.
  20. I attached my 40mm 2" eyepiece (72 degree) to the 127 mak tonight and compared it with a 25mm plossl (52 degree). There is a significantly wider field of view through the 40mm than through the 25mm. No surprise there, however due to the maximum aperture of the rear cell of the mak previously mentioned in another post, there is some light cutoff which does not allow the 40mm to provide its maximum field of view. This does provide evidence though that a 2" eyepiece with a field stop of less or equal to 28mm will provide the maximum field of view possible for this telescope bringing the instrument closer to a hybrid telescope for relatively large deep space objects as well as inter solar system objects i.e. planets and the moon. The testing was performed on a electrical pylon close to my house so does not reflect how the instrument will function on actual deep space targets.
  21. There's no contest between the 127 mak and st120 on Star fields, the at120 has magnificently wide field whereas the 127 mak is like looking through a straw in comparison. If you want deep space then a mak is not suited to this but is great on the moon, planets and detailed views of stars.
  22. I have a startravel 120 and a 2" diagonal. I own a 2" 40mm eyepiece and have bought both a 127mm mak and a 2" adapter to use on the mak. I will fit this tonight and let you know my thoughts.
  23. I agree with binocular sky, 7x35 or 8x40 are more appropriate for night viewing due to reduced exit pupil than 7x35. I had nikon action ex 7x35 which were lovely and light but crucially didn't magnify enough. Now I use a 10x50 mostly on a photo tripod whereas I used use the 7x35 handheld. I see more now but at the expense of mobility.
  24. I recently purchased the WO 10x 50 Ed as well. Whilst researching I was very close to purchasing the opticrons instead but could not find enough information on them to decide. In the end the ed objective won out. The WO are very sharp but as you say heavy handheld. The individual focus is also something that didn't quite make sense to begin with but now is second nature even for bird watching. If I ever get a chance I will compare them against either the opticrons or the pentax. In the pentax favour is the 30 year guarantee.
  25. From what I have read the triplets will not be built to the same specifications as the 22x85 but are a lot cheaper and lighter. In terms of optical quality I cannot say however I can confirm the 22x85 is a true 85mm whereas the 20x80 is closer to 70mm than 80 (many examples on cloudy nights). This brings the 20x80 triplets closer in competition to the BA8 15x70 than the 22x85. Hope that helps.
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