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  1. I completely agree! I can just see the story in the papers... "2 ASTRONOMERS KILLED!! Late last night, 2 unrelated local astronomers stabbed each other to death with make-shift weapons, each believing the other was a thug, after they bumped into one another at a local dark site. Police say poor visibility on the ground due to the late hour and subsequent lack of sunlight was the cause. "
  2. Ahhhh... I get it now! So it's the change in orientation between the camera and the scope that we're talking about, not (as I was struggling with) the orientation of the camera in it's own '3D space'. Sorry for being a bit slow I was imagining a camera, pointing at the sky, with a lens cap on, wondering what difference a change in orientation could make. lol I'm learning! Thanks for clearing the fog Daz
  3. Hmmm....Intersting read! Could someone explain why the camera orientation would make any difference to the image it produces? I'm struggling to understand that?
  4. Dave7a


  5. Yep, that looks to be pretty much the same position as mine. Much more tidy looking tho! Mine is a film canister, hot-glued to the front of the cam. Effective, but not pretty!
  6. Wow! Great image! How many stars!???? Simple, elegant, problem solving.that's what I like Great work. I've been thinking about trying this myself...you've convinced me it's definitely worth doing.
  7. Was discussing this very thing last night here and the general concensus was (I think?) a couple of loose layers to trap the air next to your skin, without cutting off blood circulation, (even if that means buying a size that you wouldn't want to mention in a crowded room!!) and maybe a light wind resistant jacket/pants to stop the nice warm air from being blown away.
  8. Oh yes, I forgot the other bit! My apologies. I can highly recommend the xbox live cam. I've not used any others, but these are soooo cheap to try and myself and many others are having great success with it. I paid less than a fiver, delivered. There's a thread dedicated to them if you search the forum. Struggling to post a direct link using my fone but you shouldn't have any trouble finding it. Cheers Robin
  9. Yeah, probably the building. Oh well...
  10. Dave7a

    hi new user

    Hi and welcome to SGL and to the hobby! And...what they said
  11. I've wondered the same thing, but I'm usually too exited about capturing at the time to worry about figuring it out I'm gonna make that one of my goals for this evening while I'm sat in the motel room with no internet. Unless some other kind soul can help us both out?
  12. Has anyone ever managed to get a fone signal INSIDE a Travelodge? I've stayed in lots and have never been able to use either my fone or the internet, but step out the front door and I have both! I almost considered buying their WiFi at £5/hr today but refused cos I suspect an evil plot is afoot! Lol. I'm on 3 and I can see the 3 network and all the others from the room but it tells me my sim won't allow me to connect? Interested to know of others experience...
  13. As has been said by a couple already, circulation is key for your feet. Buy boots with enough space for a couple of layers and don't tie them tight. Same goes for your legs, keep them comfortably snug. One other thing that's good is to stand on a few layers of corrugated cardboard or a foam kipmat. That makes a world of difference to me.
  14. I know it says 1mw, but on the laser it says "less than 5mw" so I'm not sure of the actual power, but definitely bright enough. I'm very concious of where and when I point it, but I wouldn't want it any brighter that's for sure! As with many 'dangerous' things, responsibility is the way, not an endless list of legislation that those who don't care will ignore anyway.
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