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  1. Why contemplate having One, when you should have bought one in the 1st place ! Innit ? & You should have bought it from FLO !
  2. you'll love it.... http:www.//backyardscope.org.uk/reviews/review2SW80EDDSPRO.html better then that starwave
  3. If you plan to travel with it, then maybe something like a Megrez 72 might be a better option. Don't get me wrong the ED80 is a fantastic scope, but even packed in its case, will they allow it on the plane as hand luggage?
  4. Since having this scope once upon a time, I will throw my 2p's worth in, around the focuser you have 3 small plastic grub screws, if you tighten these by quarter of a turn one by one it will tighten the focuser, im quite surprised it's somewhat loose, as the stock focuser on the GT81 is actually made to a high standard & the racking of it is nice & stiff to reduce any flexure in the focusing. Regarding the TRF2008 with a DSLR, i found this reducer a bit funny when using it with a DSLR & got similiar results to what you have shown. However, I did find somewhat better results using 5
  5. The 314L+ has no desiccant, its just a sealed chamber...
  6. That looks like dry residue inside the slip glass in front of the ccd, unfortunatley it's inside the camera, Atik will have to clean it for you.
  7. Why bother with that, when you could get this: First Light Optics - FLO Adapter for Skywatcher Focal Reducers If your using that SCA adaptor on the stock focuser, your still going to have some slippage due to some tolerance difference with the skywatcher stuff or if your using a moonlite you've got 3 thumbscrews to centre 2" nosepiece in, why bring more variables into the equation, just my 2p's worth...
  8. Nice set of images, the processing looks better on the M51 & Horsehead....
  9. echoed... I certainly did not need one even when using the 120ED with a Atik 383L+.
  10. I take it no one is interested in a 1100D at -28c with a big sensor, for the cost of a 285 mono ccd. Cooled DSLR | CDS-1100D(Cooled EOS 1100D)
  11. Another fan of Registar here, I usually use the app to align my rgb images correctly or when I have had images compromising from different nights. Here's a little tutorial. AstroMatt - Using RegiStar for Aligning CCD Sub-Frames by Matt
  12. This is one object that never bores me every year to image, I don't know what your last process looked like, but the black looks a bit clipped.
  13. If the scope does not show the same problem which my lens cell had including the lens collimation problem, then you have a winner ! Regardless how the picture gets painted in the beginning...
  14. Thats a good filter wheel Earl, no frills & easy to use... Brightstar stuff is pretty good quality....
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