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  1. I saw it over Renfrewshire. Started due East and was heading North West. Nice reward for deciding to go out for a run.
  2. In what way is it more versatile? Is it worth paying the extra £30 for the 1.25" versions?
  3. Good tip. Have just been in the habit of using Polaris. Thought I was lined up a few times and then thought, wait a minute. Polaris is a double !
  4. Well, here I am in the highlands, many miles from Glasgow's orange glow. Spent Yesterday evening at friends patiently waiting for the skies to clear as per the forecast. At 10pm (after several Guiness) went outside to be greeted by a stunning sky. Took me forever to get lined up with anything ! Too many stars ! Normally It takes about 20 secs to pinpoint Polaris in the finderscope and get my "push to" aligned, but under this sky Polaris was surrounded by a sea of stars. Got there eventually and revisited many objects previously only seen from polluted skies. M13 being particularly impressive. Actually spent as much time with the binoculars as I did with the scope. Hopefully will be just as good tonight.
  5. I too have recently purchased a 200P Dob. As has already been said, it is really easy to "nudge" to keep your targets in view. After a bit of star hopping to track down targets I soon became a bit frustrated finding targets immediately overhead in Ursa Major. So I investigated setting circles and found this extremely simple solution. http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-astronomer/80995-diy-dob-setting-circles.html Simple to do and surprisingly accurate.
  6. Had a great view up here in Renfrewshire, but a strong bitter cold North wind. I only lasted an hour and went in for a heat.
  7. One more thing, from my experience. Be careful moving the whole thing together in the cold. A tweaked hamstring takes several weeks to recover.
  8. I have had mine for a month now. I think my wife is just about getting used to its size now. This is my first scope so I have nothing to compare with, but I am delighted with it so far. I guarantee when you are not looking at the sky you will spend way too much time looking for eyepieces, filters, barlows etc etc... Have fun.
  9. The base is diameter 52cm. So the circumfrence is 163cm. So 1m wide is not enough I'm afraid.
  10. We've had a layer of thin high clouds up here for a while, but looking much better today.
  11. I have the 25mm eyepiece that came with the scope, which doesn't seem too bad. I am looking for something of better quality with a wider field of view for Viewing DSOs.
  12. Thanks for that. I will certainly pay a visit to the Coats observatory. Fingers crossed for better weather soon.
  13. I am just getting started and I am looking for a reasonably priced 32mm eyepiece. I want to stick to 1.25" for now. The Celestron Omni Plossl is in the right price range. Is this a decent choice or are there better alternatives in the £40-£50 price range. I see that it is available on FLO for £49.50, but is also available from Wex Photographic for £32. Quite a difference. Have I missed something? Celestron 32mm Omni Series Plossl Eyepiece (#93323) - wex photographic
  14. Uranus was discovered by Sir William Herschel.
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