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  1. I have been attempting a little astrophotography with my canon 350d and my konusmotor 130, and before anyone starts....i know the konus is a big hairy bag of puppy poo! lol Please dont rub in the fact i didnt research enough before i bought it lol (although, as a starter i am still amazed at what i can see.........it has enabled me to fall in love with the night sky and want more!!!) My issue is, i have been recently advised that although DSLR astrophotography can produce exceptional results, it is also incredibly dificult, specially when attemting to achieve focus and combined with the 'lovely' scope i have i am at the end of my tether and frustrated. It was recommended that i try using a CCD or web cam as they are a lot easier when attempting to achive focus and generally all round a bit simpler to use but can provide even better results than a DSLR. Is this true? and if so, can enyone recommend a cheap as chips option that will privide reasonable results? Reason it needs to be cheap is i have spent (in my partners eyes) a small fortune already and my hobby spending in now being scrutinised by her lol Any advice (other than dumping the Mrs which ive considered)? *******just in case my mrs reads this.......................erm.............i sent this message on behalf of my mate Dave. Love you babe
  2. (Umadog) With regards to the long/short cheshire, i have seen on several sites that they stock both which are just listed as 'cheshire collimating tool long tube, and cheshire collimating tool short tube. Obviously i dont want to get the wrong one as they are over £20 a pop, small potatoes in the grand scheme of things where telescope accessories are concerned but 26 quid is still 26 quid lol So the short tube is generally the norm then? (John) Yes you are spot on with regards to my scope. IF i had on known this when i got it i would have made a different choice in scope but at the time i knew nothing about scopes at all as its my 1st ever one. (will know better next time though lol) Thanks for your help guys. (is it the short tube cheshire i should be getting?) Cheers Alan
  3. I'm just about to purchase a collimator for my scope and have read that laser collimators for beginners may not be the answer as they too need collimating. Therefore i have been advised that in order to keep it 'simple' (lol) a cheshire would be a good option. My questions are as follows..... a) Is this person talking gibberish or is what he says true? Is there any difference between buying a long or short tube cheshire (other than cost)? If it helps with the answers I have (for my sins) a Konusmotor 130 1000mm f8 (I think) Cheers folks Alan
  4. yes that helps a lot. Cheers David. the cat was starting to look worried lol
  5. Hi there can anyone helps me please. im currently using a Konusmotor 130 telescope and i want3/need to replace the secondary collimation screws for either Bob'sknobs or thumg screws, probably t/screws as they seem to be cheaper! I have removed 1 of the little grub screws (with allen key) and need some advice to9 make sure i dont order wrong thing. I know i am going to sound think here but the measurements on the sites are baffling me to me honest (M6/M30????) I want order thumb screws not but a motorway!!! Please can someone help before i put my foot thu my pc monitor or kick my cat! lol Thanks everyone for your advice so far, hope someone out there hears my cry lol Cheers Alan.
  6. Ultimate respect to you all. Damo636, right up my street, i like the dust plugs. Nice! Just ordered one. ALso, the Cheshire should be winging its way to me and should have it by Tuesday/wednesday ireckon. Lookin at the weather, no rush lol Thanks everyone for the advice and tips. The fact you all take the time to come on here and helps people like myself by sharing your knowledge and experience is amazing. Thanks guys.
  7. Forget about the finder and try to aim the scope at a VERY low magnification at the moon (no barlow either) doesnt have to be in focus as long as you get it pretty much in the middle of your view. Once you have achieved this (tricky) the lok through finderscope. If you dont see moon, then it needs alligning. Adjust finder till you can see the moon but keep checking you still have it in your main scopes view. Thi8s isnt perfect but will get a rough (very rough) allignment for tonight but for best results, do it in the daylight.
  8. so i can check this out, where can i look at a cheshire? Im confused, i live in Cheshire, I love Cheshire cheese, what the bejeesus is a cheshire? lol
  9. You make that sound so simple lol I was told about something like that which is how i collimated the 1st time round. Someone said to drill a hole in the focusing tube dust cap. Just wondering if a laser collimator is more recommended for absolute beginners? (which i am, only about 7 weeks into my new hobby)
  10. I have a Konusmotor 130 and was wondering, is a laser collimator the easiest/quickest best way of collimating? Is it worth the investment?
  11. Am i right in assuming they arent cheap Tinker1947?
  12. LOL NAFK yeah ive done the check. I fell for that myself about 2 weeks ago, spent 20 mins scratching my head wondeing what was wrong as i couldnt get any visual at all. Turns out i had left the ENORMOUS VERY HARD NOT TO NOTICE end cap on the telescope............Hmmmmmmm! Wont be doin that again lol
  13. No instructions with it but the company i got it from 'Skys the limit' are brilliant so wont be an issue getying some sort of instructions. So, if i use a 25mm and higher lens it will get closer to the sensor and to compensate for smaller magnification, i could couple the adapter to a barlow - then the focus tube, that will give better results?
  14. If it helps sop you can see exactly what i hace got, i got it new from ebay item number: 130652549984 If you put that into a search it comes with the item (only mine doesnt have the rubber grips on it and came with the t-ring.
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