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  1. been able to have a little play with a few of my images
  2. just noticed this thread after posting my pics lol Shot using a Canon 5D mark iii with a 70-200mm L lens at 200mm f35 at 1/8000 and using a stack of ND filters. focusing was a little hard as i wasnt risking looking through the view finder so was a guess. cropped to size so it wasn't lost in a sea of black sky lol
  3. Thank you Peter, was happy that the cloud managed to stay away for the most part as this was my first time viewing and eclipse and my first time ever imaging the sun and catching a sunspot aswell was the icing on the cake
  4. Hi all here are my pics from this mornings eclipse taken here in Plymouth, we had lovely clear skies lightly clouding over near the end Shot using a Canon 5D mark iii with a 70-200mm L lens at 200mm f35 at 1/8000 and cropped to size Thanks for taking the time to have a look, Dale
  5. Evening all, hope you are all well and getting some clear skies, Last night I managed to get out and image Jupiter for a couple of hours using my new powermate and skywatcher ED 80pro, with the short focal length / poor seeing and this being only the 3rd time using a mono cam + RGB filters I didn't expect much. But I have to say Im rather chuffed with what i managed to get, 60 sec avi for each channel at 27fps with the asi 120mm I belive the two moons are IO and Ganymede Apologies if the processing is a little off ( a bit out of practice ) so any critique welcome Thank you for taking the tim
  6. Thanks for the reply, I would have to agree with you on the contrast this was taken on the full moon. But at the moment I am using an old TV as a monitor as mine has packed in. So trying to jugde the contrast and brightness is a bit of a pain as I'm getting different results on the different TV settings. In the end I just gave up as it looked okish on the photo setting on the TV presets. I will have anouther play when I get home from work, also just noticed that there is a fair bit of noise in the pic aswell
  7. Evening all, It has been a while since my last post to SGL due to a busy Christmas at work. But on Monday night I managed to find a gap in the cloud ( all be it a small one ) to have a little play with my Christmas pressie from my other half, a Teleview 2.5x powermate. The seeing and transparency was not great but i wasn't going to pass the opportunity up. This was a quick 60 second avi around 1500 frames at 29fps with the ASI 120mm through my Skywatcher ed80 pro + powermate. stacked in as2 and finished in photoshop and saved as a jpeg for uploading here. Now looking forward to the next clear
  8. Hi thank you all for taking the time to reply, I like to try and image everything from nebulas to galaxys and I now it can't all be done with the ED80 pro but I could always use a camera lens for really wide angle shots ( if there are adapters depending on which brand of CCD i choose ) and plan on getting a longer focal lengh scope some time in the future Having had a look at the fov calculator ( thanks Sara ) I found that the Atik 838L+ and the SBIG STF 8300 both use the Kodak KAF 8300 giving almost the same field of view, both are around the same price on iankingimaging and each coming with
  9. Hi all as the title states im in the market for a CCD camera and I was wondering what people would recomend. I have around £2000 and could possibly stretch to a couple of hundred pounds more if need be. I know that alot of people swear by the Atik 314L+ mono, but with so many different brands and models of ccd ( Atik, SBIG, Starlight, and QSI ) around it can get quite confusing and I thought I would see what other peoples thoughts were before I made the plunge thanks for taking the time to look Dale
  10. Thanks guys, Stuart I will give that a try but wont the trail of the comet moving through picture be bigger than the actual comet in the first picture ? ( the first picture i put up is a slight crop to remove stacking artifacts)
  11. This is my attempt at comet c/2014 e2 Jacques taken with an un modded dslr through my ed80pro 30 lights at 120 seconds at 800iso This was stacked in dss with just the comet setting this was stacked normaly showing the comets movement through the sky and this was stacked with the comet + star setting which is giving me some major problems. This is a color image but not much color only little patches, plus the nebula behind makes this pic look twisted but im guessing that was down to dss alignment thanks for looking
  12. Thank you all for your comments This wasn't the reason I was out last nght, but while I waited for the moon to rise I noticed that Neptune was high enough on my horizon on CdC so I though I would have a crack at it. at a rough distance of 2.7 billion miles I wasn't expecting much and thought I would be wasting my time with the ED80 pro, so I was very happy with what I managed to get as I don't currently own a barlow lens at the moment, and being my first ever RGB image aswell I think I had a quite successful night.
  13. I dont know if this is even worth posting up on here lol but while i was out waiting for the moon to rise i managed to grab a short avi of neptune ( well i hope it is ) was taken with the ED80 pro and asi120mm plus filters and filter wheel, this being my first time ever doing an RGB image so apologies if the channels arn't aligned properly 30 second avi at 7fps, the best 80% stacked for each channel Unfortunatly I dont have a Barlow anymore so this was the closest i could get
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