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  1. Hi Adam. Thank you for the very good advice, it is much appreciated. Your sentence on the bottom line is what i am thinking of. I do intend to acquire a mono camera in the non to distant future, so individual filters is the way to go for me. How do you split channels on a osc camera? Is this be done when you process the files? is it a relatively simple process? Than you.
  2. Hi Adam. Thank you for the very useful info. Do you think it is worth going for the duo band filter over the Individual Baader Narrow Band filters?
  3. Hi there. i know this is an old post, but I think your picture is brilliant. I have recently purchased the 294Pro and this is the way I want to go. I would like to try Narrow Band imaging with this camera. DI'd you use a filter wheel and 1.25" filters? thank you for any advice you can share. kind regards.
  4. Hi everybody. i have not long purchased a ZWO 294mc Pro. Does anyone on here use this camera with Baader 1.25" Narrow Band filters and the ZWO EFW filter wheel? I am looking to do some narrow band imaging and have seen the STC Duo Narrow Band filter, which seems to work very well with this camera. Would the Baader 1.25" Narrow Band filters work? I already own the ZWO EFW and want to utilise this equipment. can anybody give me some good advice please? thank you.
  5. Hi, just seen this post. You could go down the route of a filter draw and 1.25 holder. Or buy the zwo efw mini filter wheel and connect this directly to the camera body, no spacers between the two, this would enable you to use 1.25" filters without suffering vignetting. The only thing I would comment on here is to buy some of the delcrin spacers from FLO, placing the thinnest between the filter wheel and the camera body, thus enabling you to unscrew them easily once finished. You would still need to take the remaining distance with you spacers to get to the 55mm distance. Hope this helps? regards.
  6. Hi Olly. The scope will be used for visual, a mixture of planetary, nebula and clusters, and the moon. Would I need the SCT, if I had the APM? With what I have read, the APM would be a better choice, just. I have had a couple of refractors in the past, the last being a 5in Triplet. I miss the pin point stars and colours. thanks
  7. Hi all. don't know if I am in the right place, but require some good advice. i am thinking of buying a APM 6in ed, 1200 refractor in the not too distant future. I already have a celestron 9.25in SCT. The question is, whether it is worth spending a lot of money on the APM, would there be any benefit in performance in terms of 6in APO v's the SCT? I have been doing a lot of reading and there is a lot of confusing data out there. I would be grateful for any of your thoughts, I want to get this decision right. thanks for your help, in advance.
  8. Hi Chouet. I like the image a lot, great first light image with your new camera. The camera shows a lot of promise, there's nice detail within the picture. I am very much the same as you, i want to get to grips with imaging, this seems a good way to get into imaging. Thanks for posting your picture.
  9. Hi Chouet. What scope was you using to get this shot? Thanks.
  10. Hi. Great image, the infinity looks very good. I have been waiting for the first user pictures to be published, I assume that this is the osc version? Looking forward to seeing more from this camera before I take the plunge. Thanks.
  11. Hi. Thank you for all the feedback so far. It is much appreciated. When I took this shot I was in a bit of a hurry, so did not concentrate to much on framing the shot to well. The scope was mounted on a Manfrotto tripod, so not as stable as I would have liked it to be. I am sure with a little more time to set up with a more stable platform, I could get a better shot. I am happy with the shot here though, i still think I was fortunate to get this shot. I also think the 32mm projection eyepiece is not a great performer. Thanks.
  12. Hi Charl. Thanks for liking my image. Much appreciated
  13. Hi All Took this photo of the moon. It was just 1 shot, i think I got lucky. I used an EOS M and Mak 127, with a 32mm Revelation eyepiece attached a T2 adaptor. Your feedback would be much apprieciated. Thanks.
  14. Hi all. With the imminent arrival of the Atik Infinity, I was interested to find that there is a a piece of polished software out there already, which can control your ccd's, and that includes Atik camera's? I downloaded the trial version of Astrolive, which is a fully functioning copy with a 30 day trial period. I then connected my Atik 16ic cooled ccd, I had to download the ascom Atik driver and update the usb driver for the 16ic to enable the ccd to function. After upgrading everything, the 16ic was recognised. I didn't think I would be able to use this software with the Atik camera, but to my surprise the 16ic worked flawlessly with Astrolive. This software stacks images exactly the same as the Infinity's software. It also has the function to take a set of darks and stack them too, while the camera is sending the images to the software. It has a histogram and has total control over the exposure times. So, why buy another camera at £800, when you can pick a piece of brilliant software which is able to control your current cooled ccd for £63, at the current exchange rate? I am sure the Atik Infinity is an amazing camera, but it is uncooled, as far as I know can only do a maximum of 2min exposures with the live software. It can do longer exposures with other Atik Software. Am I missing something here? I like Atik camera's a lot, but I am struggling with this one, £63, and your existing ccd v's £800 of new camera. It would be great to all opinions on this one. Thanks.
  15. Hi John again. The wide eyepieces I have are Televue Naglers and Delos, with a few plossl's. Will these be ok for a fast Dob?
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