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  1. Questions guys, for those use the Primaluce focuser: - I assume on a Takahashi TOA/FSQ, you loose the fine focus button if I understand correctly, right? That's where the focuser is mounted, with no possibility to mount it on the other side - I do use the scope for visual too. In the manual I read that if you do not power on the unit, you can still use the focuser knob on the opposite site, be it a bit stiffer. Now, how stiff is stiff... Is it a workable solution for visual work, given there is no hand controller for the focus motor (which does is available at the be it more expens
  2. Nice report, but I do not think the bolts for the Tak rings are M12. They are M8. Smaller, but still no easy fit for most dovetails, let alone Vixen ones. I will use riser blocks on my Epsilon, which just arrived. Dodi
  3. dodi


    Nice details in the image, but not sure I like the colors, the red is missing from the region. Perhaps a side effect of the HDR? Or deliberate?
  4. Thanks for the clarification, makes sense to me now Cheers.
  5. Yes, I know the diagonal needs offset, but I am puzzled by the two conflicting illustrations on the astrobaby collimation page. Obviously only one can be correct In my opinion, one sees the reflection of the secondary offset, but also the reflection of the spider itself should not be in the center of the main mirror, like in the schematic of the fast newton, not like the picture through the focuser of a fast newtonian.
  6. Hi, I am a bit puzzled by the collimation paper by Astro Baby. In the drawing for fast Newtonians, with offset secondary, I see the (imho) correct schematic that shows the spider reflection (the arms) is offset and away from the center dot on the primary, just as the reflection from the secondary on the primary is. However, on the picture directly underneat, she shows and mentions the spider arms to fall exactly over the center dot. With the best of my imagination, I cannot get my fast Newtonian aligned this way. So... what is correct: the schematic (which I think) or the picture? tx Dodi
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