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  1. Scientist Chuck Long of Noaa @ American Geophysical Union in San Francisco [bBC Science website] says high flying jet contrails cause an overall haze to the sky that no longer appears deep blue as in the past - would you have thought it! No mention of astronomers but apparently hazy skies are good for plants/trees in the lower canopy shaded from direct sunlight that now receives partially diffused light for extended lower growth. The trend has been increasing since the 1970/80s apparently. BAN ALL PLANES - do you really need that holiday in Oz? Nytecam
  2. I use an e-finder [85mm f/2 Jupiter lens+red filter+Lodestar mono cam] in lieu of optical finder for my scope's "goto to Deneb" to start a session Monday night but slightly off with my scope setting and got nearby NAN in the fov. Increased exposure from typical 1sec e-finder mode to 60s as here. The red filter acts as a poorman's H-a filter of sorts ;-) Nytecam
  3. First clearish night in ages and suffering photon starvation ! Here's three small PNe in... NGC 40 Bowtie - glowing in H-alpha red and my favourite PN ! M76 Little Dumbbell in Per NGC 7662 Blue Snowball - brilliantly glowing in OIII on green/blue spectral boundary - note exp duration + half scope aperture blocked ! Used my Meade 30cm SCT + SX Lodestar-Cx2 OSC camera - data on images - images cropped and enlarged 50% to 1500mm EFL. Hope they are of interest ;-) Nytecam
  4. Thanks Don for sharing for informative report - well done:-) I'm surprised at the amp glow - isn't the amp turned off during the exposure as in the Lodestar exposure for example? Or is the camera stacking at main frequency with the amp permanently on as typical video cameras? Nytecam
  5. Martin - 'golden age' indeed :-) You shots from your site consistantly out-zap mine in mag penetration from the London suburbs despite my larger apertune - much envy:-) Nytecam
  6. Excellent results Don via the Ultrastar C - the colour is more pleasing than the Lodestar C on these targets but that's a minor issue. The resolution of the U-C is excellent. Keep up the good work and await the Hyper star efforts :-) Nytecam
  7. Thanks Martin for your research - that clarifies it nicely :-) Nytecam
  8. Clear here in London to view huge prom on west limb this Saturday morn ;-) Nytecam
  9. Thanks guys for the likes - shame there's no comments :-)
  10. I'm guessing here but it sounds like the base is LARGER than the obsy forming a 'shelf' for rainwater to collect and seep under the obsy walls. If so this is a classic error of construction and no sealant will give a permanent solution - excuse the pun. You only have to look at the perimeter of a house for example and note there's no base overhang and for good reason. Sorry guys - just take a gander at basic building construction :-) Nytecam - architect with 50+yrs experience
  11. Here's a line-up of 4 close OCs in the 'foot of Gemini' in M35; NGC 2158 south proceeding and + IC 2156/7 a little further west. M35 too large for my fov @ 1m fl but NGC 2158 well contained and resolved. IC 2157 is a sparce cluster and IC 2156 ill-defined in catalogues and charts like Megastar and Wikisky to the small circle but it appears to contain very few stars and I suspect it applies to the larger asterism as outlined. Used my obsy 30cm SCT+SX Lodestar-Cx2 camera here in London suburbs under a full moon - no worries ! Data on images ;-) Nytecam
  12. Just a bit of fun - my SE sky is blocked by an Ash tree but when bare of leaves as now it's reasonably transparent for my first autumn shot of M42 ;-) WithIn a month it will have cleared the tree at a reasonably hour but it's still amazing what can be achieved through obstructions ! Nytecam
  13. For those interested Sainsburys is selling the Microsoft HD700? webcam for £9.95 discounted from £25 - seen in my local Cobham store on Monday:-) Nytecam
  14. This is my shot of M1 SNR [Crab Supernova Remnant]. Although not the best opportunity last night under a nearby full moon it records well with the red hydrogen filaments together with the central mag 16.5 pulsar PSR B0531+21 as marked. Used my 30cm f/3.3 SCT and SX Lodestar OSC camera - data on image Crab supernova was observed by Chinese astronomers in 1054AD as a brilliant new star and even visible in daylight. It contains a neutron star 20km diameter spinning @ 30 times per second emitting a pulsar 'beam' every 33 milliseconds. This flickering beam has been recorded by a Forum member
  15. follow-up hand held shot ! Nytecam
  16. Twin bright proms this morning peep around west limb - bit hazy but will try for Ha pic via PST:-) Nytecam
  17. Don has highlighted the Trius options - weight + extra power supply for TEC not casual but probably vital for AP but not sure for EAA. Nytecam
  18. Nice result and coma generally absent in those shots so the optics(?) cover the field well - the deepest in 9m exp. Any darks or flats used ? Nytecam
  19. 3-1/2yrs on and there are now more ufo s (in lowercase :-) Now back to astro .... Nytecam
  20. Brief session last night to capture distant moon of Uranus in Umbriel/Oberon/Titania/ and Neptune's Triton in 2sec exposures in full size crops. Our 1st Quarter Moon nearby Neptune in 3-panes in 1 milli-second exposure @ 47% full size added to montage ! Meade 30cm f/3.3 SCT + Lodestar camera. Planetary disks overexposed in recording their moons ;-) Click on image for full size. Nytecam
  21. Seeing is the most critical issue for hi-res planetary/lunar imaging - not the theoretical resolution of the camera :-) Nytecam
  22. Superb results Martin :-) Lousy weather in UK so no stars ! Nytecam
  23. Check the SX site for s/w downloads :-) I use the Lodestar mono s/w which includes 2x2 binning with both mono/OSC cameras but obviouslr colour not possible in 2x2 mode. Good luck Nytecam
  24. 6 domes and counting down the decades (and never a RoR) for club/ friends/ self. Domes give complete protection of scope and observer/imager from local LP/wind/ dew. RoR do none of these - they're like standing on the patio. They only allow a permanent set-up. As quoted most people don't know what a dome is for or what it contains or care. That's just astro-hype. And they are often lighter in construction than RoR and easier to build than popularly believed :-) Nytecam
  25. Fabulous results - well done ;-) ...and folk still use EPs from suburbia ! Nytecam
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