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  1. Hi - most hereabouts seem to favour RoR but this could be stripped to the basics with windproof screen and storage of fixed scope and maps + EPs with means to keep condensation at bay. I snapped a few items in the garden centre lunchtime that could form the basis of simple observing station as sketch below:rolleyes: Hope it's of interest.
  2. Nice image - but as you say very tricky with its low altitude from UK. My brief OSC try last week only fair but at least partially recorded and certainly no hope visually in a region apparently devoid of stars except for Sirius
  3. Very nice image - wish my skies permitted such exposures:mad: The streak looks to me like an optical diffraction effect as if there's partial obstruction by a straight edge over the scope or within the camera - but why not on all the brighter stars in pic can't say:rolleyes:
  4. Hi - my first DSO image thread on SGL - Bear's Paw galaxy NGC 2537 in Lynx via my classic Meade 30cm LX200 @ f/3.7 + StarlightXpress OSC Lodestar-C cam in 4m exp [4x1m subs] -gxy N2537A to east in pic. I'm not a perfectionist and these are my typical exposures so I can capture as many DSOs in an evening Hope you find my approach acceptable
  5. Beautiful 'Owl' Anna - first time I'm seen the outer envelope recorded - well done ;-)
  6. nytecam

    Hi from Surrey

    Hi - just spied the welcome page so hello. I'm retired with a long interest in astro. Wouldn't survive without my little DIY observatory. Don't use EPs much nowadays due to poor eyes but my Lodestar-C cam on classic Meade LX200 effectively ignores the dire light pollution so great fun!
  7. Great close-up Nick Here's my quick 'n dirty 60sec worth on Bear's Paw=NGC 2537 from tonight on zenith - an amazingly well titled object. There's another small gxy NGC 2537A to east ps: I'm new to SGL - is it ok to post images on another's thread?
  8. I feel your pain - I'm midway between Gatwick and Heathrow but not directly under either flightpath - as my skies are bright orange - new full cut-off street-lights away from main road make no difference I resort to fast optics [12" f/3.7] and brief exposures [1m subs] for my deepsky stuff with moderate success getting down to mag 17/18 fairly easily - last night got tiny and faint Hickson 50 gxy cluster @ 2BLY range but whatever turns you on
  9. Hi Ken - are you finally taking the plunge ? I've built 6 domes over the decades [two for myself] and wouldn't do it any other way. Can't see the point of going to all that trouble and effectively "standing outside" a RoR observatory.. I can do that on the patio anytime. However I'm told by the experts here RoRs are 'easier'? but anyway good luck with your project:rolleyes:
  10. First attempt on this newish but now faint evening comet - data on image:rolleyes: Anyone seen or imaged it?
  11. Nice image Nick and thanks for pointing it out - I'll give it [iC2233] a go next time I'm out
  12. Thanks Zul - tonight's quicky of Thor's Helmet NGC 2359 very low from my garden:)
  13. Thanks Gina - must admit I'm not as 'exposed' as you to the surrounding [Devon] landscape - mine's hidden in my garden:) You've certainly got a massive structure there - even the concrete founds made me wince. You're lucky to have no dew or cold winds thereabouts - scrolling down the your many pages it becomes a nice 'flick movie'. Well done
  14. I too use a Lodestar - on my piggybacked ETX-70 with PHD freeware to autoguide my classic Meade LX200 and it works fine. The Lodestar is very sensitive - I use PHD at 1.5s exp with maybe 1/2 dozen suitable guide-stars on view. I set PHD to track in RA only and 'Enable Graph' to watch tracking progress. ps: Also use SX Lodestar-C OSC cam as prime imager and I'm loving it
  15. Hi - 1st post here Don't seem to see many amateur DIY domed observatories on the forum? Mine didn't cost any more than a converted shed but, unlike the RoR, gives complete protection for me and my scope from dew, wind and local light pollution - way to go:D Mine and a mate's linked here ... wpo-building a small domed observatory wpo - Ron Johnson's astro-dome
  16. Interesting results but think your scope needs some protection in those windy conditions [with temporary screen maybe] and a Barlow to increase Mars' image size. Mars is now quite bright so exposures should be brief. I'd aim for some good sharp individual shots before before starting 'videoing' and stacking - good luck -Mars is getting closer!
  17. nytecam


    It is tricky to find - immediately above bright zeta Tau [lower Bull's horn] are two faint stars forming a triangle with zeta - follow a line through these two faint stars westward for 2/3rd their separation and slightly downwards for M1 - good luck If you have an equatorial mount then center M42 Orion Neb using low power EP then release Dec lock and sweep scope vertically upwards - M1 and M42 have virtually the same RA My M1 pic via little ETX-70 e-finder from last week below:rolleyes:
  18. Here's recent M82 Cigar galaxy and M1 Crab in 60s exps - data on image:rolleyes:
  19. Hi - my first post here:hello2: I'm deep in London LP but do DSOs in brief exposures via my 12" SCT at f/3.7 + SX Lodestar-C in typical exp 1m -5m [in 1m subs] to make the most of few clear nights and to get as many different targets Anyone do this sort of imaging - for me a substitute for eyeballing:rolleyes:
  20. Hi - some more books [that may not have been mentioned:rolleyes:] Optical astronomical spectroscopy by Prof Chris Kitchin [ioP] Astronomical spectroscopy by A.D.Thackeray [Eyre & Spottiswoode 1961!] Practical amateur spectroscopy by S.F.Tonkin [springer] PS; my 1st post on SGL:hello2:
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