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  1. Looks a lovely scope Jonathon, nice one. Look forward to hearing your first light.
  2. A skymax is collimated at the factory and should keep its collimation due to it's construction. However, if it's needed you can adjust the collimation. I haven't had to worry about the collimation on mine.
  3. telskop service appear to have 350mm in stock, they are OO dealers in mainland europe http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p4997_Orion-UK-Dobsonian-mount-for-350mm-aperture-Newtonian-Telescopes.html try contacting them before you order, they're usually quite quick with emails. shipping never been too bad to sweden, not sure what UK would be edit: i should add i'm not sure what the set up between the 2 companies is. dunno if ts just orders of OO. however if they do and the production stream is set up that way it might be quicker than a personal order
  4. Yes Jules. I did buy it from you. It's a lovely eyepiece, which you told me at the time. I was just starting out in astronomy with my first good scope and knew from reading that a kellner would be ok in my long fr mak. But wow! It made me start seeking out vintage Japanese optics I was so blown away by it. I forgot to mention earlier that it's also my favourite eyepiece for framing the moon in my scope. I often use just that rather than go higher mags.
  5. I have a 25mm circle t kellner Dave, I can't describe it fully but it is so sharp and bright compared to anything else I own. I love looking at M42 with it through a f12 mak. I can tell the difference between using it and a 25mm ortho which surprised me. So I know what you're getting at! I will never sell it, even though I have other 25mm.
  6. Yep, that's why I suggested the same exit pupil, all 80mm scopes so at 2mm exit pupil 40x mag. In the 2 achros like Mr Spock said you'll see differences in CA which will kill sharpness and differences in eyepiece corrections and curvature like Ronin said. Longer FR should be more robust against bad seeing conditions so maybe another test for the ED80 and 80M. Both should have good CA correction but if you can sort out a 0.8mm exit pupil with same range eyepieces on Jupiter on an average night it could be interesting to see if you can tell there's a difference.
  7. It would be good to see a comparison at ~2mm exit pupil using your televue plossls. Then you're really taking it down to just focal ratio if you do that comparison. I suppose 11mm with st80; 15mm with ed80; 25mm with 80M. Not exact but close enough
  8. I have the Skymax 102, it came with an eq2. The good; I think it's a great scope, it can handle high mag (for it's aperture, I never really take it below 0.8mm exit pupil due to floaters in my eye). No CA. It's light and small. Very comfortable viewing position. Perfect for balcony observing due to size. Can fine focus with clothes peg. Easy on eyepieces The bad; You are limited to a small tfov with it. It doesn't really bother me as 95% of my observing is planets and the moon. Despite being small it can take a while to cool down (I keep it in a warm front room though, so it needs to go out b
  9. It's normal to not like the cold, it's just unfortunate that cold nights coincide with good astro nights this time of year. Before you go out make sure you have eaten something before hand; all the layers in the world won't keep heat in if heat isn't being produced. Maybe have some of your favourite nibbles to hand? You could also try planning to observe some objects that don't require your eyes to be be dark adapted such as the planets, moon, some bright double stars, clusters rather than galaxies. That way you can escape inside for a warm cup of something and pop out again when you feel you
  10. I don't own any 2" eyepieces so can't help there.... but regarding taxes, in Sweden if you buy from EU and have paid the taxes in the country you buy from it's all good. Some places like Amazon UK for example will apply Swedish VAT if you buy from them. I have never paid additional fees when buying from Teleskop Service based in Germany, even when it was hundreds of Euros, just the german 19% tax. All the packages have been through Swedish sorting offices so I'm sure they would've been picked up if they were liable. Like most places in EU you will be liable for tax if you buy from outside of E
  11. its just occured to me; could it be light going in the eyepiece and reflecting off the back of a baffle? is your longer frac baffled too?
  12. I see what you're saying about the baffle position, couldn't you test that out though by making a longer dew shield and trimming the light cone that way? What gets me wondering about eyepieces is if the thing isn't properly baffled then it could be scatter from unsufficiently baffled light cone hitting shiny bits on diagonal or eyepiece. In the higher fr scope it would be reduced due to the area of the light down the eyepiece end
  13. Apologies if I'm preaching to the converted Ant but have tried different eyepieces and diagonals? Do you get the same torus?
  14. Depends on the tripod; eq2 no, az4 yes. The az4 has retaining holes for ep whereas the eq2 hasn't and I think why i prefer using the tray. Safer in the dark.
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