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  1. Yes u have bought the eq mount for lx200
  2. hi i have an astro engineering eq mount.
  3. i use a LX200GPS Schmit-Cassigrein 12" on an LX400 mount.
  4. i live in quite an urban area around Barnet in London. I have altaz but i have also got an equatorial mount. Anymore info required guys
  5. i am just looking for all software, i will use it for planning, imaging, telescope control, processing and Image acquistion. Planetarium software is not really required but if it good then let me know. Thanks
  6. i would like to image with my setup but i also use the telescope for visual use. I do dso and planetary. I use dslr cameras. Thanks
  7. i use windows 7 soon upgrading to windows 8. I do all types of astronomy. By the way i have installed windows xp, vista, 7, 8 onto the computer so i dont need to worry about the operating system. Many thanks
  8. Hi guys, was wondering what software you suggest i should get. It can cost any amount. Please dont suggest software you don't have. Many thanks Ben
  9. And something to keep you warm. Also a battery pack
  10. get something to fight of the dew. maybe a setup to do astrophotography.
  11. i would suggest dew buster, even though very pricey, it is the only one that works well enough for winter weather.
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