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  1. Yure gunna enjoy that littler baby. Lots of late nights ahead.
  2. Fantastic Matt. Y're just gona luv that. Once new a bloke had one that size. He got nose bleeds every time he climbed upto the ocular.A real foorprints on the moon job that one Matt you luck Weshman. Nigel
  3. Also make sure the tube lock is not too tight, should be tensioned off for movement. Thats's the knurled screw just below the tensioning grub screw in the photo above.
  4. Welcome to Dobsonian life. Lets hope you have clear skies soon cause your gona enjoy using that scope. Great viewing lies ahead.
  5. May be safer to paint the lamp glass rather than the bulb or use the red gel sheet supplied by astro suppliers.
  6. R1gel


    Hi mrnumty and welcome. Well seems you've done every thing right so far, especially joining this forum. Folks here always got the right advice. 27, mere youngster.
  7. Welcome John Must get pretty cold up in the Alps when winter viewing:-)
  8. Nop I'am not prepared to wait 4 weeks for delivery. If they can't supply it now I'm not having it.
  9. Must be heartbreaking Peter and I can only admire your continued commitment to the centre. Let us all keep our eyes and ears open and endeavour to return this equipment to it's rightful home.
  10. Talking of post "Stargazing Live " There was a Lightbridge 12" on Ebay which was one day old, just arrived and still in boxes. Wonder if the seller had miss calculated on the size of the scope as they were at great pains to explain how large the thing was to any potential bidders. Several scopes going through Ebay at present which have been with there current owners for 2 to 3 months only used twice etc. looks like you gonna have your work cut out Nick as more and more bought on a whom scopes get abandoned.
  11. Saw the scopes at SGL7 and nice work you'd made of um too.
  12. Yes and yes but please do take note of previous advice re safty in this thread.
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