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  1. A tragic loss to us budding amatuer astronomers he was very influential on me growing up and made me interested in astronomy from there on R.I.P old boy we will look out for you in the forthcoming skys and i will continue with your famous winter 50 challenge
  2. i will be posting all progress of the build hopefully if the funds dont run out i will get first light out of it before the new year
  3. im a joiner by trade and its guna push my skills to the limit i think building the tube and i managed to get the mirror and cell for 150 just got to get it alluminized because its been used for soler work
  4. i will be posting some pics very soon of the tube build
  5. i have finally got my self 203mm orion optics mirror 1/16th wave and mirror cell. Now in the proccess of making my very own coopered wood tube for this i should hopefully have it all built in about a month ready for the best stargazing time of the year
  6. cheers for the answers have to try the place in essex thanx micheal
  7. this is straight out of the 12.5mm eyepiece took on my smart phone i was supprised it worked
  8. im thinking plastic pipe but trying to get hold of one is like rocking horse
  9. im having trouble locating a 10 or 12inch tube that is 5 foot in length anyone got any ideas and also looking for a equatorial fullerscope mount if anyone is selling one
  10. yes jupiter and venus, venus is the brightest and its a rare sight seeing the two together
  11. viewing not very good tonight getting shimmer off everything i look at. think this is due to the solar storm not a happy bunny
  12. thinking of building my own 8 inch newtonian telescope hopefully this will be much cheaper than buying one ready made and a lot more satisfiying just dont know what mirror to go for and 2nd mirror
  13. Just make sure U line ur secondry mirror up first so its central to the focuser tube then line the primary mirror up as long as the dot lines up to the cross hare U can't go wrong PS take ur time and it pays off
  14. be well worth the wait. it will make your telescope feel like a new one took me and my uncle about an hour and a half to line it up but well worth it.
  15. it will get even more brighter as it goes into full phase next month should be amazing to view with the naked eye and the scope
  16. just bought the cheshire eyepiece. managed to properly collimate the scope properly and omg the quility of image is outstandingly better. unbelievable piece of kit for 25quid id recomend this to anyone.
  17. Thankyou very much for your replies. Looks like il get to know the scope some more and get the hang of using it more then upgrade I can get some good views of the moon and Jupiter with it il have to see what else I can view properly thru it thanks again. :-)
  18. Thankyou for your reply. Yes there is a 3 times Barlow that fits into the focuser and don't use it that much because as you say there is too much light pollution. But my focuser actually has a little lens built in right at the bottom of its length no 1 seems to have heard of this. My uncle seems to think its to shorten the focal length of the tube but you take this little lens out and my problems start
  19. its the same with both. the barlow is built into the focuser if its taken out i can focus in with the 40mm or 20mm eyepiece but the 12.5mm my focuser wont wind in far enough and only needs to wind in one more turn to focus. if i put the lens back in i can focus fine with the 12.5mm and 6mm but the image quility is reduced? strange problem i know
  20. hi ive got a jessops 104 1100 telescope and in the focuser its got what looks to be a barlow lense (poor quility) ive taken it out and my image quility is vastly improved but if i place a 12.5 eyepiece in or smaller i cant focus in enough. i am wondering if i can get a smaller length focuser i am stuck at a loose end with this one. would be greatfull of any replies please.
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