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  1. It's an eq3 top mount on a lead shot filled post with adjustable flats on it and it's got to be concreted in as it weighs 100kg so a purminent fixture
  2. Using an eq 3 mount on a solid pole lead filled for stability also going to be retro fitting a goto unit to it as well
  3. nathanhatton

    8" homebuild newtonian

    govier 8" 1 16th wave mirror 0n a 35 mm seconday
  4. 2mins just going on pc il solve this little issue
  5. I know my smart phones not letting me add photos not a happy bunny
  6. This is my homebuilt 8" govier mirror telescope so far hopefully be finished for new year
  7. Thanks for the info people I think I might borrow mi mates usb microscope first then to see what images I can reveal from deep sky b4 buying one if it works I will post images from it
  8. I will do because I can get one for 30 quid and I think I could get sum good results
  9. Can I use a usb microscope on a newtonian telescope in place of the eyepiece I am interested to see weather this will work
  10. nathanhatton

    The moon

    Viewing through my 6" f9.3 reflector
  11. yes i think that would be a good choice and i hope it does continue because it inspired me a lot over the years
  12. i think brian cox could carry this on quite well just wondering if anyone knows whos going to take it over or who you think should take it over . All in memory of sir patrick moore
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