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  1. I also love my heritage 130p, its a great scope and the portability is also great. I recently brought it up to Scotland in a two seater with two peoples clothes for a week and two sets of golf clubs with no problem. I find the optics good as well. I haven't not seen anything I was looking for. I don't have anything to compare it to but it still seems very good to me. Sion
  2. Hi everyone, I have a heritage 130p on a supatrak mount and want to do dso imaging but i'm not sure if the metal focuser could support the weight of my 7d. Instead I was thinking of attaching my 500mm camera lens to the supatrak mount. It has a handle that fits into the dovetail holder. I was just wondering would this be a good start in astro photography without me having to spend more money? I'll attach the picture of the lens.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm thinking of starting to image the moon and planets with a neximage or similar webcam and was wondering how the magnification works. I know for EPs its EP/focal length. Is it similar for webcams and if so what would be there equivalent size? Many Thanks Sion
  4. I have been looking at those but they rarely seem to be in stock. I have also noticed in the forums that an xbox live cam is popular, I have one at home and was wondering if it was worth modding or should I just buy a camera specifically for astronomy?
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone. The type of imaging I want to do at the moment is planetary, I was thinking of getting a Celestron Neximage as well. Thanks again. Sion
  6. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this setup and if it would a good starter for imaging? I know people say the heq5 a minimum but I wouldn't be able to afford that. Thanks for any answers Sion
  7. Hi everyone, This is a shot I took back in 2010. I didn't have a telescope at the time but as I am a keen nature photographer I had a 500mm lens and an eos 7D. Just wanted to share it to see what you thought.
  8. Thanks Rik, very nice drawing . Does a uhc filter help a lot with nebula viewing, is it something worth buying?
  9. Thank you guys, just been out and I can just make out the fuzziness with my 25mm. Hopefully when the moon moves over I can see it a bit better. Thanks again for the help
  10. Hi Everyone, Got clear skies tonight and new lenses arrived but I stuck with the 25mm in my 130p and started looking for Orion nebula. I point my scope to where it is (where I think it is ) and I see lots of stars but no faint grey cloud. Is it just stars I see or should I be seeing the grey cloud? Many Thanks
  11. Hi everyone, My heritage 130p arrived today from flo. As soon as it got dark i set up the scope, checked stellarium and saw jupiter was out so I turned to that. I saw jupiter as a round orange blob (hoping the lemses i bought can show some banding :-)) and i also saw 4 moons, really impressive. Then the clouds started to roll in . They were only the thin clouds so it halted my attempts to find m42 so I instead looked at the moon. Again very impressive, loved the detail on the craters. Hoping that it clears soon so I can get back out there and thanks again for all your advice :-)
  12. Hi again all, I ordered a heritage 130p yesterday, didnt ignore your advice but didnt want to blow to much straight away , and was wondering if there is any benefit to viewing planets/dso's from a higher altitude? Was also wondering if my garage would be ok to store the scope in as ouse space isnt great. The garage isn't heated but it doesnt have any condensation problems and is weather safe.
  13. Hi everyone, Just reading through the talks about planetary and lunar imaging and was wondering, why do people prefer to film with webcams and software rather than film with DSLRs and software. Are the better sensors of DSLRs not more suited to it. Just wondering if I am missing something? Sorry if it sounds silly
  14. Hi again I have received a nice donation from my dad which has pushed my budget up to around £350. With this i was thinking of getting the skyliner 200p and some eyepieces and a barlow. Is this a good way to go or is there something that will serve me better in my budget. Thanks again
  15. I have found the skywatcher 150p on an eq3-2 mount for £150. I presume it is the same scope as on the dobsonian so is this a good buy?
  16. Hi again everyone, I've found a 150p skywatcher on an eq3-2 mount used for £150 and it seems tempting. If i wanted to go into astrophotography would that mount be good for starting off with. Also, as i am really considering buying this, does anyone know any couriers who will pick up and deliver as it is quite a long way away? Thanks in advance
  17. Again, thank you for all the replies but I have another question . With the sale of one of my camera lenses I will have about £30 more than needed for the 150p. Are there any accessories or any 'must haves' you recommend getting along with a new telescope? Thanks again .
  18. Another question . Can the 150p be taken off the dobsonian mount and put on a camera tripod? I live in North Wales so if I want to take it away from my garden the ground gets a bit uneven .
  19. Hi again, one last question . It comes with 10 and 25mm eyepieces, are there any others worth buying?
  20. Thanks again all, I'll go for the 150p dob when i get a bit more money, think i have a camera lens i could do without .
  21. Thanks again for the answers and thanks for the links Rowan. If I wanted to see more Deep Space Objects what would be the cost of the telescope? If its not to much I may wait a bit and save rather than buy one now for sake of buying.
  22. Thanks for all the replies, will look into finding the extra £50 . As an extra what kind of things can I expect to see once I have it set up?
  23. I had looked at that but I am also a keen photographer and heard that you can't mount a camera on a Dobsonian telescope. Is this true?
  24. Hi everyone, I've always been interested in astronomy but haven't had the spare cash to buy a telescope until now. I have about £150 to spend on a telescope and looking around there seems quite a few choices for around that. Does anyone have any recommendations on a telescope for around that price? I would like to be able to see planets and some constellations like Orion quite clearly. Many Thanks
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