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  1. Hi everyone, Recently I was asked in an a level physics paper the force acting down on a dropped object. I wrote gravity but the actual answer was weight as on the specification gravity is a field. Also in the course we are taught the four fundamental forces; weak nuclear, strong nuclear, electromagnetic and gravity. I understand that for my exam I need to stick to the specification , but could anyone here clear up which gravity is, or is it both in terms of the context? Many thanks Sion
  2. Hi everyone, Is this camera any good for dso imaging? Most people suggest/use the 350d so was wondering is there something inherently wrong with this camera or is it just not widely used? Many thanks, Sion
  3. , should have looked through first. Thanks for that Sion
  4. Hi all, After having been viewing for a couple of months with my 130p I have decided that I would like to get better views of planets and lunar features and to carry on webcam imaging. The budget for the scope will be around £500 with some more money going towards a mount, possibly an eq5. I have read that maks and sct's are good for planetary and lunar so was wondering out of the c6 and skymax 150 which would be a better scope? Many thanks, Sion
  5. Thanks . Definitely very capable, really wasn't expecting to see what I have done
  6. If you could get within the suns outer atmosphere (a big IF :-)) you should be able to hear something as the particles betwwen the atmosphere should carry the vibations of the sound.
  7. Hi everyone, I have had this scope for two months now and despite the best efforts of the weather I have managed to use it on a few occasions. First of all I would like to say that immediately out of the box I liked the design of the scope. The matt black and white 'written' names offers a really nice look to the scope and something a bit different. Setting up the scope was also very easy out of the box, simply slightly unscrew the dovetail holder screw, move the scope until you can get good balance and re-tightening. The next thing that I needed to do was to align the RDF. This was also very easy to do and the supplied instructions covered all basis. On to the viewing So far I have seen quite a few objects through this scope and have been pleased with everything so far (although I am sure when the weather improves and I go DSO hunting properly I may start to get aperture fever ). My first object was the moon and I was just blown away by the surface detail visible, endless amounts of craters right across the surface. The next object that I turned to was Venus, with it being the brightest in the sky it was quite easy for a newbie to find . Initially I was a bit disappointed that only a crescent moon shape was visible but then after reading through posts I realised this was all that was really ever visible so I soon diverted my attention to Jupiter. This was another WOW moment, initially being an orange blob but slowly bands becoming more and more visible and seeing 4 of the moons trailing off in a line to the side. Being the first object I viewed for any amount of time I was required to 'nudge' my scope along. As per other peoples reviews this was a very easy thing to do and quickly became natural in tracking the object. Having exhausted the planets available at that time I turned my attention towards the Orion nebula. Having read that DSO's appear as faint grey smudges I wasn't expecting to much for a 5" scope but I really was impressed. I clearly made out the wing shape of the nebula and with the 10mm eyepiece I could just make out the trapezium. The next object I saw was the Pleiades which were once again very impressive. Around Easter time I took this scope up to Scotland and the portability of it was really helpful, I believe that even if it couldn't collapse I wouldn't have been able to fit it into the packed car. As it was I got some really great views up in Scotland and saw Mars for the first time. Although only a small red blob I was impressed with the colour it showed. The latest object I have seen is Saturn, I think everyone's biggest WOW moment. The rings were very clearly defined, the gap between rings and planet was also clear and in really good seeing I could just make out very faint banding across centre of the planet. Recently I bought a NexImage to go with the scope, from what I understand this is a spc9900 with different branding so is good for planetary and lunar imaging. I have tried the latter and am pleased with the results although this is where I must bring up the one bad point of the scope. The focuser. It appears too jerky to use and not really accurate enough, only allowing focus in the rough area needed. While viewing this doesn't bother me too much but it does appear worse when imaging. I have attached two images below taken through the scope. All in all this is an absolutely fantastic scope and as a beginner I am very glad I chose this as my first scope. It has really started the hobby for me and fueled my interest in astronomy. I would highly recommend this scope to anyone considering starting out in the hobby or anyone who wants a small portable scope that offers great views. Sion
  8. Another lunar photo taken last night that I didn't get round to processing. Still think my focus is off though . Sion
  9. Another moon shot with my NexImage and heritage 130p. From Virtual Moon Atlas I believe that this is Tycho (in the middle) and the surrounding craters. Still haven't got the focus quite right though, anyone with a heritage 130p got any tips for the focus? Thanks for viewing, Sion
  10. I think that at the moment the sun is too stable to produce the a CME that could potentially kill us, or anything else, off. I also don't think it would have caused the extinction of dinosaurs, the sun still would have been in a stable state, and would have to have been for life to develop. Later on in its life cycle it may have enough energy to create something strong enough to cause damage but I don't think that realistically they could actually cause too much damage to the planet anyway. Between the Earth orbiting the sun and the spinning of the sun we wouldn't have enough exposure for it to do enough damage. I may be wrong here but its what I have been led to believe.
  11. Hi everyone, Got this photo taken tonight with my 130p, on the Dob mount unfortunately, and my celestron neximage. It wasn't perfect conditions, I wanted to get a chance to use my new webcam and there was a quick break in the clouds revealing the moon. Ideally I would have liked to put it on my Supatrak mount to get a longer capture and maybe have longer to play around with the focus on the screen but for a quick first attempt I'm quite happy with it. Any tips, thoughts or criticism welcome and invited . Sion
  12. I think that this does happen, I remember hearing or reading somewhere that every ten years the average IQ increases by 3% so the IQ needs to be marked up every few years, proving that each generation is getting smarter in comparison to the last (its not just kind marking or easy exams ).
  13. Have you installed the other bit of software it says you need and then download the package for it? When you initially download Stellarium and open it, it needs a software to run the llibraries. Its called Ministro and is a free app. After that is installed open it again and it downloads more libraries then closes. Then on third time of opening it will start up. HTH Sion
  14. Thanks for that, really good app, don't have to keep coming into my comp now . Sion
  15. Hi everyone, Just wanted to share this picture that i found, was a real wow moment for me although I'm sure many of you have seen something like it before. Sion
  16. Would that also work for a supatrak mount as I'm thinking the double a battery pack won't last too long :-)? Sion
  17. I bought the 130p a few weeks ago for the exact same reasons, wanted to start the hobby but not blow too much initially. After using the supplied ep's i found that they were both quite good, seemed better then people make out, probably because i havent compared them to anything else yet . After a few days of observing I decided I wanted to see the planets a bit better so bought a skywatcher 2x barlow and skywather 7.5mm plossl. Really pleased with both of these, showed the planets a lot better and give nice views of the moon. Sion
  18. Hi everyone, I was wondering if any of you heritage owners had a shroud for your 130p to stop light getting in the open bit, and what did you use? I was browsing through flo and saw these First Light Optics - Astrozap Flexible Dew Shield and was wondering if the 5 inch one could be used as a shroud? Sion
  19. That is all you see with venus, it just goes through phases like the moon. The planets you see detail on are jupiter saturn and mars, of which mars and saturn are in the south/south east tonight. You might also get to see the orion nebula tonight just below left hand star of orions belt. Sion
  20. Just found this on TED. Talks about time as well as a lot of other things but still really interesting. Sean Carroll: Distant time and the hint of a multiverse | Video on TED.com Sion
  21. I also think that time is the fourth/another (if there are more) dimension. All things happen or exist in a certain place, which we locate using our three standard dimensions but they also happen or exist at a certain time. Changing the time that they exist/happen is just the same as changing their location. Also, the bigger you are the smaller things appear to you, compared to something smaller than yourself. Just like the longer you exist the smaller/shorter the passage of time appears to you compared to something that existed for less time. Just my $0.02 Sion
  22. Converted it now, much prefer it. Thanks again, Sion
  23. Never even thought of that , thanks very much for the reply. Sion
  24. Hi again everyone, I have another question . I want to try out sketching of objects I see as a way to make a record of it all. I've been over to the sketching forum and been impressed by all of the sketches and was wondering where you get the templates from? I can find a few on the internet but none of the black background white circle ones. I did use one and gave it a try this afternoon, doesn't look like clearing up here so I used one of Rik's sketches that I remember him posting in a previous thread of mine (hope you don't mind). It just doesn't seem as real with a white background and black/dark DSO's. Sion
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