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  1. I read that it was easier to do it that way but I didn't trust myself to put it all back together properly
  2. It was ok. I took the primary mirror off the bottom and slid one of my pieces down the side opposite focuser. I then cut the next one to fit in what was left, cutting out pieces for the focuser. Lastly I lined the draw tube with some. I would say it is a two person job but if you cut it into smaller pieces it should be manageable on your own. Sion
  3. Hi everyone, Everything but my Telrad has now arrived for my 200p and I have all of it put together so I thought I would share some pics . First one is the whole scope with dew shield. Next is the flocking on inside of scope. Last one shows my solar filter on top. Thanks for looking Sion
  4. Ye, was with 200p but it can't track. I have the skywatcher deluxe barlow but it seems to have a smear/dirt on it. Anyway of cleaning the glass parts without damaging them? I found keeping it on the chip with the barlow impossible, couldn't even find it . Sion
  5. Thanks for that . How do you get the position of satellites in stellarium for future reference? Thanks agan, Sion
  6. Hi everyone, Got my first Saturn image two nights ago and have been messing about with it since. Posted the first version in beginners forum but since have brought a bit more detail out of it. Does anyone have any tips for how best to get Saturn with a SPC990/Neximage? Thanks for looking, Sion
  7. Hi everyone, Last night I was observing in the Lyra region and between about 11:30 and 1:30 I saw three bright objects move across the sky in my scope. The first was as I was looking at Albireo, went right across my view and gave me a bit of a fright tbh . The second was as I was searching for M27. I had my 25mm in, it flashed across the eyepiece and I followed it, travelling North. The next I saw through my finder-scope as I was searching for M27. Would these have been meteors, comets or satellites? Thanks, in advance, Sion
  8. Nope, definitely never bore of looking at it. Even if I can't stay up for a long session I will try and get a view of Saturn when it's clear .
  9. Hi everyone, Went out last night for my second viewing with the 200p. First thing first, I made sure my finder-scope was aligned and scope was collimated using Saturn. Then I spent quite a while looking at Saturn, changing between eyepieces to get the best view. My 7.5mm offered up the best with a couple of bands visible in good seeing but still no Cassini division for me yet. Next I moved onto the moon as it was quickly disappearing over a neighbour's roof. Had a quick look at all the features through different eyepieces and couldn't decide which I liked most, a close detailed view or a nice wide view showing everything. Scanning up and down the terminator showed lots of detail, I really do enjoy looking at the moon . By then I judged the sky was about as dark as it would get so moved onto some DSO finding. First thing I went to was the ring nebula, M57. Found it after a while, slotted my 10mm with UHC filter in and took a look. Very impressive again, Love the distinct shape you can make out. Next up was Albireo. Went straight down from the ring and found it with my 25mm and slotted in the 10mm (couldn't be bothered unscrewing UHC from 7.5 as I wanted the dumbbell next ). This was a new sight for me and it was a bit of a surprise. I had heard of the colour difference but didn't expect such a clear difference. Loved seeing a large orange star with a smaller white/blue star just next to it, then taking a look without scope and just seeing one star no different to any others. From Albireo I moved down again to the Dumbbell, M27. This is where I cant wait for my Telrad to arrive. While I find it OK moving to targets I know location of with magnifying finder-scope I found trying to locate a new one very difficult. Even with the best efforts of Stellarium and TLAO it took me a good half hour to an hour to find it. I'm glad I don't give up easily though. Once found it was very impressive, just as impressive as M57 to me. Love seeing the shape of it and the changing shades throughout it. Put in the 7.5mm with UHC but I found the view wasn't as good. It appears not to take magnification as well as the ring. I put the UHC in my 25mm and took another look. Much better, contrast increased from surrounding stars. It was nearly 1:30am by now but I wanted to see one last object, M13. I always find this impressive. Swung the scope round, lined up with finder and took a look. As always it amazed me. Seeing all those stars bunched together and clearly making out individual ones with averted vision. Definitely one of my favourite views. That's my first write up in this section, hope it was a good read . Sion
  10. This was from the skyliner 200p. Without barlow as I couldn't find it with barlow. Will try the RGB align though . Many thanks, Sion
  11. Hi everyone, Went out last night to try and do some imaging of saturn and the moon. While I managed to get the moon ok I couldn't seem to get the correct settings in sharpcap for saturn. I did manage to get an image (below) but I don't think the detail is there. Anyone got any tips on what settings to use/how to improve. It was stacked in Registax 5. The focus looks ok to me (might not be though). Any help appreciated . Many thanks, Sion
  12. Thanks for the replies and tips, will try out the turtle wax and the centre screw. Wish I could see the dumbbell at the moment but it hasn't risen above my neighbours roof . Thanks again, Sion
  13. Don't be , the screws just above black cap unscrew quite easily and the whole back just slides out, no need to touch the actual mirror . Checked collimation of mine before and after and it hadn't changed the results of my star test . Sion
  14. I just flocked my 200p yesterday. Got two sheets from FLO and it covers pretty much all the inside of the scope and the draw tube of focuser. 2 sheets is definitely enough. Sion
  15. Hi everyone, My skyliner 200p arrived yesterday along with my UHC filter, solar film and flocking material. I had my first light last night and have written a review. Unboxing and Building: Out of the box the base was nice and easy to assemble, took about 20-30 minutes and the instructions were quite clear although a bit brief. The first thing I did, being quite impatient , was to make my own solar filter from the Baader solar film. Used the cardboard from the box and the dust cap to make a ring the right size. Cut out the middle of the rings and sandwiched the solar film between then made a lip base to hold it onto my scope. All nice and easy again and about another 20 minutes. First Light: The first thing I saw through my telescope was the sun. In my eagerness I forgot to leave a piece of solar film for my finderscope so had to do without that, instead judged where to point by using the scopes shadow and I was surprised how accurate I got it. Almost dead centre when I popped my 25mm eyepiece in. This was my first view of the sun and I was very impressed, a nice round white disc with black spots dotting the surface. Between looking at the sun and night time I got my scope flocked. I took off the primary mirror and slipped in the material and positioned it. Very easy to do with the self adhesive sheets and looking down the scope it definitely seems to darken the whole inside. Later on, when darkness (if you can call it that now:)) fell I brought it out again and aligned my finder-scope. The moon was just showing so I used that as a nice easy target to align and it didn't take too long. As I was already at the moon I popped my 7.5mm eyepiece in and started scanning the surface. WOW. Amazing detail, not only can I now see the craters but I can make out individual ridges surrounding the craters, ridges and bumps in the centre and lots of other wonderful features. I popped in the 2x barlow and everything stayed ok, just, although there was quite a bit of shimmering. Next target - Saturn. Centred in the finder-scope, 10mm put in to bring it dead centre in eyepiece and then 2x barlow and 7.5mm placed in. Absolutely amazing, much bigger than through my 130p and good detail, 2 bands visible when seeing was good but just seeing it magnified so much was enough to wow me. Moving on to the Messiers. My time was now a bit limited as I had to be up at 9 this morning so found my favourite Messier out at the moment - M13. Another astonishing (running low on adjectives here ) sight. Through my 10mm it took up a good deal of the view. Stars around the edges and some brighter ones easily resolvable, something I hadn't seen before. Sulafat and Sheliak had finally cleared the roof of my neighbours house so I was dying to try and find M57. Took a bit of hunting round and swapping between my finder-scope and 25mm but eventually I found it and got it centred. Put my 10mm and had a good long look. Stunning (had to look up thesaurus now )! After a good few minutes of viewing I remembered my UHC filter. Screwed that into my 7.5mm (after a lot of faffing about wondering how to open the box ). Popped it into the scope and took another look. A definite improvement in view. Surrounding stars were dimmed while the ring was given more contrast. I may have seen some slight hints of colour but it could have been wishful thinking . Conclusion: Absolutely brilliant! I can see why this scope is recommended so much and is Britain's most popular. I definitely wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone, beginner or experienced veteran. I would like to thanks everyone for there advice and helping me make my mind up on this scope . Just a couple of questions. The AZ movement is a bit stiffer then I like, I have heard people mention car wax to make it smoother, would you recommend I do this or leave it as it is? Also, while the focuser is a hundred times better then that on my heritage I find it a tiny bit loose (don't know if anyone else has found this) and sometimes just goes past perfect focus when turning. Is there anything I can do to slightly stiffen it up to make better minor adjustments? Thanks for reading , Sion
  16. The main things in the east at the moment are M13, M3, M57 the ring nebula and M92. M13, 3 and 92 are globular clusters and appear as nice round grey smudges with stars resovable around the edges. If you download stellarium, free software, it will show you exactly where you can find these. Sion
  17. Very impressive. Was it easy enough to mould round to the shape and around the eyepiece holder and RDF? Sion
  18. M13 is very good at the moment if you have views to the east. Biggest globular cluster seen from uk and i find it impressive in my 130p. M3 is another globular that is in the south east and impressive. You should also be able to see m81 and m82 near ursa major. HTH, Sion
  19. I got a Telrad, flocking material, UHC filter, solar filter and some of that neoprene I will use for a heritage shroud to use as a dew shield. Sion
  20. Thanks again for all the advice guys . Just ordered everything and should be here by Friday/Monday so if the good weather holds a first light report should be coming soon . Sion
  21. Ok, thanks for the replies. UHC added to basket . Sion
  22. Hi everyone, Put this on the end of my last thread but don't know if many people saw it because it was a bit off topic to the thread so will just post it here . I now have just over £100 to spend on extras when I buy my 200p . I was thinking of a Telrad (£35), some flocking material (£14), some material for dew/stray light shield (£10), some Baader solar film, gets annoying when we have clear days and cloudy nights (£22). I also wanted to buy a filter to enhance views. My question is, for the 200p, would I be better off with an OIII filter, a UHC filter or the skywatcher light pollution filter? All are in my budget so which would you recommend? Thanks again, Sion
  23. I now have just over £100 to spend on extras when I buy my 200p . I was thinking of a Telrad (£35), some flocking material (£14), some material for dew/stray light shield (£10), some Baader solar film, gets annoying when we have clear days and cloudy nights (£22). I also wanted to buy a filter to enhance views. My question is, for the 200p, would I be better off with an OIII filter, a UHC filter or the skywatcher light pollution filter? All are in my budget so which would you recommend? Thanks again, Sion
  24. Yes, we should just see the end as the sun is rising. From the east coast this is about 4.45 AM and last about 45mins - 1hour. HTH, Sion
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