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  1. Dark matter is a hypothetical solution that makes up for what we believe is missing mass in the universe. Physicists think there is mass missing withing the universe and dark matter is believed to be that missing mass, although it can't be seen and makes no visible effect that we would notice. Dark energy, from what I understand, accounts for the expansion of the universe. It is an energy found in space that has the opposite effect that gravity has, it forces objects away from each other. This again is a hypothetical solution and something we can't/haven't yet been able to see. HTH, Sion EDIT: Someone feel free to collect, this is just what I believe from reading stuff and I have never been taught any of it . Also, hope it isn't too brief
  2. You have to take different photos. The same one just has the same details being stacked so doesn't really improve what you already have. Sion
  3. Ok, thanks for the reply. The more I keep looking the harder making a choice gets, I should just stick with something quick before I start looking at the televue range . Sion
  4. Keeping in mind that little focus should be needed changing between the BSTs, would a 5mm, giving 240x (the smallest BST) be too much magnification for the UK as I have heard 200x is the limit for the UK? Sion
  5. How good are the Meade 4000 plossls compared to the Vixen NPL as they are around the same price. If it helps I have a budget of about £100 to get about two-three eyepieces. I would like a 6mm for planetary and lunar, then something to replace my 10mm, something between 9-12mm and then something about 20mm. I was thinking of the TMB 6mm, Meade 4000 12.4mm and then a BST 18mm (keeps changing every few hours , too much choice ) Sion EDIT: There is also the Meade 4000 zoom eyepiece, I read somewhere that zoom isn't always as good but it could be good for convenience. Anyone know how good this one is?
  6. Ok, thanks for that link, will get the BST 8mm . Thanks again for all the help guys , Sion
  7. Ok, thanks for the advice guys . At the moment I am thinking of getting a 12mm and 18mm BST, 9mm TMB Planetary and a 30mm Vixen NPL, buying each as funds allow. Anything in that lot you would stay clear of or does it sound ok? I do have a 2x barlow to go with them. Sion
  8. Hi everyone, I'm hoping to get some new eyepieces for my 200p, but I see a lot of people recommend different eyepieces and it seems that it is mostly down to personal preference, with most offering a big upgrade to the standard 'shipped with scope' eyepiece. This does make picking a new eyepiece for a newbie quite difficult . Seeing as there are all these recommendations with the only limiting factor being budget, are there any eyepieces that are pretty much universally agreed as bad, so I know what to stay well clear of? I think this may make my choice easier . Thanks in advance, Sion
  9. Here's mine, not the best ever but I'm happy with it . Tycho and surrounding region: Sion
  10. Didn't know that, may go out observing more . Sion
  11. Hi everyone, Just wondering at what stage of cloud cover do you guys think is too much to go out observing ? I would go out if its about 25-30% (maybe pushing 40-50% if I really want to see something). Anything more than that I find frustrating waiting for clouds to pass or clouds observing your view. Sion EDIT: sorry, meant to be 'too' in title (a year after I finish English and my grammar is gone )
  12. SionR25


    My pictures of the moon and its surface
  13. From the album: Lunar

    Taken with Celestron Neximage and Heritage 130p
  14. From the album: Lunar

    Taken with Celestron Neximage and Heritage 130p.
  15. SionR25

    Full Moon

    From the album: Lunar

    Taken with a Canon 7D and sigma 150-500mm lens
  16. Just got told that AMD just released a Windows 8 driver for my graphics card. Downloaded and installed and all works fine now . Thanks for the help , Sion
  17. Ok, thanks for the reply. Will have to stick to good old TLAO for the time being then . Sion
  18. Wishing for clear skies for Transit

  19. Just looked at the Weather map for Britain at 4am.....
  20. It should appear as a bright grey orb among the other stars. If it is your first fainter DSO (orion is quite bright) to look it it can sometimes take time to get your eye in on what to see . I found this sketch for you doing a quick search of Google. It's from binoculars so what you see should be brighter than this. HTH, Sion
  21. Hi everyone, I got the Windows 8 preview a few days ago and it all seems to be going rather smoothly (I like the new start screen and operations seem quite fast and smooth), apart from Stellarium. It lags on any function, jerky movements and pretty much unusable. Just wondering has anyone else experienced this and is there a way round it (without reverting to Windows 7 )? Sion
  22. Looking forward to the new site, pics look good . Hope it all goes well.
  23. I also started just after Christmas time and like you I am hooked . I find it a very rewarding hobby, that satisfaction you get when you find something you have been looking for or you just make out that extra bit of detail in something you have been observing for a while. I agree about the cost, my money keeps finding new things it wants to buy .
  24. Ye, definitely frustrating. Hopefully I will be working a lot over summer holidays and want to buy myself a HEQ5 Pro synscan as I want to start in imaging. Thanks for that, hadn't noticed it before . Sion
  25. Nice guide, should have done a better search before I started . Looks like it would have made it a lot easier. Sion
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