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  1. Thank you every one for all your comments they are very helful and I have learnt a lot.
  2. Cheer`s umadog I assum the reason the rings are off central axis is to do with the focuser alignment and only the more expensive refractors supply ajustment for this.
  3. Hi All, probably been asked loads of times before but hear goes anyway have just got myself a Celestron Cheshire Collimating eyepiece put into my Tal 100RS could just make out the spots merging into one enogher so great no problem there but the merging spots are out of alighnment with the cross hairs and not at centre point of cross over hairs mind you if the circles had been at that point of cross over hairs I would not have been able to see them anyway surely the awnser would be to remove the cross over haires a bit like a filter but of course I can`t do that. Will I still need to correct the converging spots to bring them into the centre of cross over hairs and is this also to do with the ajustment of cullimating screws.
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    Hi all, My first experience at astronomy was at the age of 10 when I purchased a very small refractor from the proceeds of a newspaper round, never forget those first sights of the moon, then scooters music marriage kids no money got my next refractor at about the age of 25 it was not much bigger than the one I had befor but was amazed when I focused in on Jupiter and Saturn started a little astro photography then just pigy backing 35mm slr taking pictures of constelationson and star trails around the pole star did all my own B&W processing in those days got well into the space shuttle when it first started off will never forget the ill fated mission of STS 51L words can`t describe how I felt about the trajedy. Anyway just retired and money is not quite so tight now so getting back into Astronomy I orderd a Celestron Omni 120 back on 31st December it never did arive anyway long story won`t bore you but to cut short I have learned at my expence that it is true about picking a reputable well known shop when purchasing a scope eaven if the prices are a little higher wish I had taken that advise. While waiting for the long awaited scope and realising the Dark winter nights were going to end soon decided I could wait no longer so have purchased a Celestron Omni XLT 127 in addition to the one on order the omni came the other day what a great scope this is and the supplied 25mm eyepiece fantastic quality along with the very sturdy CG4 mount and trypod can`t fault it. Now starts the learning curve looking forward to the journey.
  5. Hi all, Well got my long awaited Sky Watcher Omni 120 refractor yesterday well pleased with it, While waiting for it to arive I have been trying to get to grips with academics by reading up how the capture and stacking of video images is done anyway no need to wait any longer thought I`d have a quick go at using the Philips SPC WEB cam I have already done the mods and so was ready to use it with my refractor, The night sky started of quite clear so looked promising I set everything up webcam in place opened the Sharp Cap software focust on cresent of Moon great but and it was a big but I could only get aprox half the cresent on the screen using the diaganal which was a bit dissapointing was hoping to get the whole of the cresent within the frame but never mind thats enougher problem for enougher day anyhow managed to captured about to lenghes of video footage aprox 15 min in total then it clouded over, game over. Not to be discouraged thought good enough packed up went indoors and procesed the video into images using Virtual Dub then opened them all up in Deep Sky Stacker spent ages deciding on which images to keep then came the moment of truth clicked Stack Check Pictures great I thought it went into proccessing mode for about 15 sec then stoped and gave me the message "Only one frame out of 304 will be stacked" it sugests I should change the star detection threshold to detail more stars. Well first of all I`m not looking at deep space so its not about stars but eaven so I can`t find the correct place to go within this software to stack images of part of moon cresent what am I doing wrong, hope someone can help steer me in the right direction. Also just as a note I have not got an automated tracking system yet but did not think this was that important with taking short captured video images of moon using a web cam.
  6. Can`t thank you guys enough I can now put that one to bed
  7. Hi all, I have two scopes on order but they they taking for ever to arive so I thought I would ask you folk your opinion`s to clear up a few questions, I have on order the Celestron XLT 127 with CG4 mount/tripod and a Sky Watcher Evostar 120 with EQ3-2 mount/ tripod , I have already got a Tal 100RS but this does not have a mount its a tube assembly only when my scopes do arive I intend to fit the Tal to one of the mounts and always have one scope that is not set up and ready to use. Am I correct in thinking the CG4 would be the better sturdier mount to attach the Tall also if i decide at at a later date to get a tracking motor should I be fitting it to the CG4 for the same reason of sturdyness rather than having two motor driven mounts. The other question is the plastic Tal object lense cover has a smaller cup cover within the cover what is this for. Sorry if this is all elementry.
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