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  1. my wife has signed it, I will just go and tell her!
  2. As I said Ant it was a bad line lol! could hardly hear my client hahaha! From what he said it was this rush to beat the increase that created a backlog of products left in China, waiting for the next boats. Ouch on the $1000 dollar increase though. We make retail displays, and although there is an increases in cost, on a decent volume China is still 30% cheaper on average for a metal / wood display, delivered to the door duties paid. And these are bulky products. Hopefully increases in China may create more jobs over here, subject to skill level needed for production.
  3. click on the pic. to get to the link sologuitarist
  4. Another thing that doesn't help, there is a new import/export duty of $400 dollars a container or something like this that one of my clients told me about last week on a bad mobile phone line. The upshot is that there was a mad rush from manufacturers of all products coming from China to beat the commence date of the increase, which in turn meant if you got your product on one of these ships you were lucky, mountains of products didn't make it, hence long delays (5-8 weeks from China depending on boat speed). Of course with this duty increase, it also means product prices will be going up from Chinese manufacturers, it will depend on how / when this will hit us as consumers. Prices in China for manufactured products are rising due to wages rises, H & S alignment to a degree, unions embedding at factories, inflation and a few other reasons. Not good news for us as consumers!
  5. me too, was going to get one next month, think I will give it a wide berth. Fair comments on warranty, but when there is a problem product such as this, they will shoot themselves in the foot (4 not being bought by those commented above) if they do not sort the issues out, and admit the production is not refined.
  6. Hi Paul, and welcome aboard. As you can see bang for your buck on the 200p is massively recommended, but as always don't forget eyepieces and perhaps filters, which could easily add £200 before you move on, loads as a starter set recommend: First Light Optics - Revelation Photo-Visual Eyepiece kit , but as you can see out of stock at FLO, but you can pick up from ebay or other places
  7. I found this interesting to guys and gals. BBC News - Survey gets a grip on dark energy
  8. ToUcam is used but an older model to the spc's, and others use the Xbox live cam too.
  9. Hi Mike, welcome to the forums!
  10. I bought the TAL last week mate, and whilst it is very good for a bargain price, I do notice a small amount of degredation in sharpness, but very minor. It is perfectly acceptable for planetary view i find. From the way you have described what you see, as mentioned above, you may need more light coming into the scope to help with the sharpening of image (and what is possible to see), which i guess points to a new scope. I know you have mentioned a new eyepiece, but you could possibly get a larger aperture scope for the price of a good eyepiece, perhaps on ebay or Astrobuyandsell?
  11. Doughzer

    new member

    Hi goody, don't worry about the scope, any start is a good start, as you will get a feel if you may find it a long term interest or not. You will find loads on info., advice and recommendations / avoidance tips here on retailers, products. Before I bought my set-up I spent quite a while looking through websites, with advice form retailers also, don't be afraid to ask any questions on here, even if you feel it may be a stupid one, as all here were new to it at one stage, and tbh it is a limitless field of interest, always throwing news things up, products, objects way out there, points of interest and new events. But be prepared for long nights outside!
  12. stevetynant, your not wrong, I have to wait till about 12ish for Saturn to clear the house, but first time in the eyepiece last night, and I agree, it is a big wow, seeing the rings with their reflection on Saturn itself!
  13. A valid point dude, this is where goign to an Ast. Society may be a good start if you are unsure, or an easy to set-up travel set -up? I guess you also have to be realisticwith the LP where you live also. Is it possible to rent/ borrow from your local stores sometimes to see what is possible in your own garden, is there sucha company offering this service, it would save a lot of second hand items?
  14. some of the greatsest humour is purile and naughty, it's what us Brits are famous for and long may it live. Now, anyone for a turnip shaped like a thingy!
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