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  1. It's becoming more apparent, I should have stay'd in school more

  2. Wow best comet i've seen

  3. going to be a graet night star gazing, I'll be out till around 2am

    1. foundaplanet


      Good luck, hope it goes well. I'm a lightweight and off to bed.

    2. Pig


      Was looking good here, but got cloudy at 10pm, I am still hoping I get some time, I will wait until midnight

  4. Clear skies and as usual, i have work

    1. Beehive


      Oh well...I bet you peep out of the window...I never believed one can get addicted to the night sky ....! ;-)

  5. Really cheesed off... First clear sky in ages last night and was at work (sad face)

  6. Disappointed its a clear sky tonight and I'm just off to work for my night shift

    1. foundaplanet


      I'll spare a moment Vince to think about ya..:)

    2. Vince1963


      Thanks for that Col

  7. My thoughts are with our American Friends at this sad time, With the Oklahoma disaster

    1. rory


      agreed. i feel guilty moaning about our british weather when i see what happens elsewhere.

    2. Pig


      Not much chance for the poor soles with a 2 mile wide path

  8. Worried about my job at Tata steel, After £1Bn wiped off europeen portfolio

    1. foundaplanet


      I hope things will be okay Vince

    2. Vince1963


      Thanks Col

  9. 2137Hrs ISS just passed over

  10. Just bought a Celestron C11 Goto from FLO... WHOOHOO!!!

  11. The weather is getting me down

  12. Fed up to the back teeth of the weather!!!

  13. what to do on these cloudy nights... Mmm!. Stella artois....LOVELY lol

  14. Looking forward to the Leonids.. If its not cloudy. Boo! Hoo!

  15. Eternity is an awful long time especially towards the end. Woody Alan

  16. thinking of becoming an amature meterologist, i think its going to rain again.

    1. Richardisgreat
    2. Capricorn


      Surely that means that it rained, stopped raining and started raining again.

      I don't believe the stopped raining bit.

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