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  1. LMAO here is the cat for your pigeons then...... My personal preference is the more detailed one...... I like the crispness of the image and the detail..... I think the more romantic people will like the natural look and the more scientific will like the detailed approach...... now its your choice :) Hope that was more what you needed
  2. We know but we swop all our thoughts :/ ..... We meant does anyone have any thoughts they would like to share with the rest of us on how they think the universe began.... is ... or will end... be replaced.... or something of a similar nature lol
  3. Which image do you prefer???? Pick your favorite and this is your style then try and make the best images in this style perfecting what you like and enjoy..... Most people are just pleased you choose to share them with us
  4. YUP Married now 6 years and a budget of £25 get what you can while you can LMAO
  5. Lol love all the DEEP chat but dose anyone have thereOWN ideas??????
  6. Tried them out for the first time last night and they seemed ok....(not that I have allot to compare them to) got a good look at Jupiter and 4 moons and spent an age learning the names of the craters on the moon . I think for the price of 4 it was a bargain and has given me plenty of scope (pardon the pun) for really learning what I can and cannot do. It also means I now have a few years to save up for a good set up and by then I should know exactly what I want Happy hunting. Clear skies and good luck :)
  7. I just got a sky watcher 607AZ2..... Was a gift for chrimbo to get me started Just strong enough to see Jupiter and can make out some of the rings and 4 moons
  8. for a good map of the moon try here. The Full Moon Atlas : Lunar Navigator : Map of the Moon and I'll be out with you tomorrow for a look at Jupiter... Fingers crossed for a clear night
  9. Sounds great.... (and just like me lol) I have just come in from looking at the moon Starting to learn the crater names Good luck with Jupiter tomorrow
  10. EASY..... I was talking to my Grandpa at the weekend (and he is that old!!!!) and he said from where he was sitting at the time It was just off to the left a little.... Couldn't be simpler Hope that helps
  11. Have you done any thing else besides work on the mirrors????? do you have a stile in mid?
  12. shellfish


    helow and welcome from Newcastle
  13. WWWOOOO they arrived Kids with toys... Will let you know how they are Boa but I think you have a much better idea of all this and what you’re doing than I do lol. I thought about just getting 1 good quol EP but for the offer and price I figured even If I don’t succeed with this as a hobby I don’t think I will ever get rid of my stuff even if it’s just for eventually looking with grand kids lol... Will let you know what they are like but it will be a noobie idea lol.... I still think its great just seeing things let alone judging the quality
  14. I agree it is fantastic but Wasting????? You always need a way to get warm when you come back indoors lol
  15. Brill cheers fellas :) Anything else is appreciated
  16. Stick with the Fairies you might upset them if you say they didn't do it:evil6:
  17. Was watching the moon last night.... These are great
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