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  1. Another white out last night not even a sniff of sky through the clouds. I'm beginning to struggle to remember what star gazing is...... Somthing to do with people in the movies I think
  2. shellfish


    Brill and welcome Clear skies
  3. Ok I bet you all heard this a million times so I thought I’d start a thread for those who just want a whinge...... CLOUDED OUT AGAIN THERE i FEEL SLIGHTLY BETTER..... Anyone else want to take up the torch..... And feel free to give sympathy if you have clear skies :) :(
  4. shellfish


    Lo and welcome :) love toe intro
  5. I'm not swearing btw, the wagon is called S/natch. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/******_Land_Rover LMAO. I worked on them alot but I'm pleades I didn't have to drive them in anger... just for an 857 and that was bad enough.... Top heavy monsters.... I played for a bit with Drops at 2nd line but was mostley armoured :) how long you been out????? how you doing on the outside lol???
  6. I was a VM A Mec in the REME and served with the QDG, QRH, 6Bn wksp amounght others :) what was your trade????
  7. shellfish


    well welcome to the Clondike :) Enjoy and clear skys
  8. Awsom :) I havent managed to get a good look at Saturn yet coz of houses and work the next day but these look grate Big grats
  9. ooooo envious "I" I just finished singing my nipper to sleep LMAO and if you could hear me sing you would realise why it took me so long LMAO but he seems to love Amaising Grace and God save the Queen..... (anthum not SP lol )
  10. Then out on Norway at New Year - minus 26 and I still hadnt learnt to wrap myself up. I thought I was going to blumming die I was sooooo cold. LOL Did NI in palis Bks and the Maze. also lot of time in the Balkns.... Layers is the key to your cor temp but I always found if I had cold feet I was cold..... Themn just started wearing isue Gaiters all the time and that did the trick..... That and I love the out doors.... Ray Mears is my Idol lmao what was your corps????? :icon_salut::icon_salut:
  11. lol dought it... if my wife is anything to go by... on a hot day in Italy she still asks for a jumper lol clear skys
  12. OOOO Astro and San.... Hope this helps..... 12 years in the military on my side..... The secret to warm feet is larm legs.... have a look at these you can get them any were... hope it helps :) Gelert Ankle Gaiters#
  13. They look great ASTRO...... they are wind proof and if they get wet then they just get warmer
  14. Think i must be sad I got an old wollie bare from the days I was diving of the coast of England.... If you want gloves try wet suit gloves and cut the fingers off there brill Please dont laugh and point
  15. LOL weather here is very British
  16. LOL I must be the odd noobie out... I just got a 60mm Refractor and just getting to know the stars :) Well I still think I'm hip and down with the kids lol :headbang:
  17. LOL Help and advice..... Be patent... That is a fantastic First image and one for the likes of me to aspire to.... I think its fab
  18. To those folk we say "Go away before we taunt you a Second time"...... in a slightly French accent lol
  19. shellfish

    hi new user

    Here Here.... What he said (357) and welcome and enjoy :)
  20. FOUR Yorkshireme... FOUR you say... Why when I was a lad we never had FOUR Yorkshiremen........
  21. great picks love seeing what I can one day hope for
  22. OOOOOO happy birthday for sunday I'll make sure I have a dram for you.... and me.... and us boath....and the both of us....ang you....ang mmmeeee......dig i hag on for mmmme?????? what agout on fog oooo toooo:)....hic.... twoooo for meeee lmao.... hic....3 fotooootww22oo:):)
  23. OOOOOOO I liked this one.... so if the void or nothing could be thought of as a closed pressurized container of water at 110celcious then when the pleasure is released it flash boils and the universe as we know it comes into existence throughout the container everywhere at the same time????? NO shock wave or bow wave.... Just existance ?
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