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  1. Two beautiful pieces and I thought they realy stood out in monochrome.
  2. shellfish


    Lo an welcome to the Lounge
  3. Cant comment on the teck side as I dont AP but looks like a grate immage to me
  4. looks fantastic to me Nice one and thanks for sharing
  5. Looks fantastic. I realy hope you stopped at the end of the day and sat looking at it with a beer and emence pride
  6. mmm realy nice. love moon picks
  7. totaly brill and the edging looks good too
  8. You cant rush perfection lol
  9. Thats shocking... he is 6 months old.... tell him to get a shovel in his hand the SGL team wants to see progress lol
  10. its gettin there The weather up north seems to be improving so with a bit of luck yours may too
  11. WOW..... If you look at the botton right you can see the pub from here
  12. Sorry to here bout the break in and your loss Maby not £30 each but could we give donations?
  13. What he said ^^^^^^ lol keep the picks comming
  14. shellfish


    lo an welcome
  15. I can't wait for a non work day with dry weather so I can get digging the hole for the pier:D I recken 24"x24" and 30" deep with plenty of rebar should do the trick. looking great so far but I think this may be a bit to much to hope for at the min.... Fingers crossed
  16. WOW now thats what I call a scope :) As to your question..... Have you thort about a tripod with a winch suspendid? I say this because it would be easy to make... Portable on a roof rack.... very mobile when erected....easley adjustable..... and could be done very cheep with scafolding.... Hope this might give you ideas if nothing else :) good luck
  17. Looks AWSOM fella and there is room for a beerr fridge just along side lol
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