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  1. Thanks Gerry. The Bubble is a bit of a enigma for me, I still have no idea why I didn't see it before? Maybe my expectations were too high? Transparency was pretty poor though, last nights location can hit 21.6 mpsas on a good night but it struggled to reach 21.4.
  2. Special nights like that stick in your mind for a long time Mike, you certainly sound happy with the view. I think Lancashire must have been in a hole of good transparency last night, outside of that hole was pretty muggy believe me!
  3. Your mirror will appreciate its bath Kerry. I like to keep my primary as clean as possible but now I've moved to a OOUK scope its a little tricky much like Skywatchers.
  4. NGC 7027 Constellation Cygnus Planetary nebula Distance 4900 Ly Mag 8.5 Date 1/11/15 Transparency 4/10 SQM 21.39 Telescope 12" f/5.3 EP 5mm Pentax XW x318 (TFoV 13') DGN NPB filter Sketch notes Small and bright, easy to see even unfiltered and showed itself as a bright blue fuzzy star with a low power EP. Increasing the magnification and trying both OIII and NPB filters did little to show and detail within.
  5. NGC 7635 Constellation Cassiopeia Emission nebula Distance 1400 Ly Mag 11 Date 1/11/15 Transparency 4/10 SQM 21.45 Telescope 12" f/5.3 EP 14mm Delos x114 (TFoV 38') Astronomic OIII filter Sketch notes This was the second attempt to observe this little nebula, a few weeks ago in near perfect transparency in nearly 21.6 skies I couldn't see it. Last night I observed from the same location with fairly poor transparency and the Bubble was clear to see?!! The nebula appeared to curl itself around a central star, uniform brightness, a narrow point at one end widening and fading the further it went out. I tried both NPB and OIII filters, the OIII seemed to pick out the fainter nebulosity slightly better.
  6. NGC 7331 Constellation - Pegasus Galaxies Distance 48MLy Mag 9.5 Date 1/11/15 Transparency 5/10 SQM 21.42 Telescope 12" f/5.3 EP 10mm Delos x159 (TFoV 27') Sketch notes Average at best transparency made seeing the 'fleas' very tricky. Only two of them were visible. In the past I could quite easily hold NGC 7337 with AV but conditions just wasn't good enough last night. NGC 7331 showed a bright core but no sign of the dust lane or detail.
  7. Tidy sketches and a nice report as always Nick.
  8. Great report Piero. As much as I like bigger scopes I'd still love to see what the views are like through smaller aperture, you really do put your TV-60 through its paces. I also like the 'adventure' of heading off to dark sites, never tried it on my bike yet but that could be a bit tricky with a 12".
  9. Ah ok thanks. I never tried DSO's with BV's as I bought then just for observing Jupiter and the moon really. It was a very relaxing experience though and one that I've been tempted to try again. My biggest 'problem' with them was no matter what I tried I couldn't get sharp focus through the left eyepiece?
  10. I had an amazing night last year viewing M101 and M51 from my dark site, transparency was perfect and I had decent aperture. Definitely one of my finer moments since I started astronomy. However, the first time I saw M101 was with 10x50 binos, yeah it was just a tiny small smudge that popped in and out of view but the feeling of seeing something 22 million light years away with just a small pair of binoculars was truly amazing!!!
  11. Nice pics Mark, glad you got a chance to see the conjunction unlike the rest of us in 'ol Blighty.
  12. I've tried them before and for me the biggest benefit was that they were very relaxing to use on objects which you observe for longer periods so Jupiter, Mars and the moon. I did find that they did dim the view considerably and at the time I was using a Skymax 180 so never tried them on DSO's, for DSO's I want to keep the maximum brightness so binoviewers were out of the question. My problem with them (and I had a set of WO) was one eye didn't focus correctly, it didn't matter what I tried I just could get the left side sharp! Maybe the more expensive BV's can be collimated better but it would be pretty expensive to find out after you buy EP's aswell.
  13. I always take all the bottom caps off, roll the filter pouch out, pop the clip on light on and then I'm ready to observe with minimal fuss. Yeah I do like my Delos, I could quite easily settle for the 10mm XW as I can see very little difference between the XW's and Delos. I may squeeze a x2 TV barlow in there for very high mags for PN's but no rush for that.
  14. My EP case is fairly complete (like I've never said that before! ) That great big gap will be eventually filled with either a 17.3 Delos or 17mm T4, the ES replaced with either a 22mm T4 or 26mm T5. I find I don't use low powers very much so no great rush for those. There is Astronomic OIII, DGM NPB, Lumicon #8 and 82a# filters in the pouch in the middle.
  15. Really enjoy your reports John, always packed with details of what you've seen, great stuff! I used to curse the moon but these days really enjoy lunar observing, the more you learn about the moon the more rewarding it gets.
  16. Yep very nice, well done! Your added notes are also a nice touch. I guess you could take a photo then make a clean sketch inside, it just depends on what the object was? I'm not sure how that would work to be honest? There certainly isn't any rules to break when astro sketching, just do whatever you enjoy. I dont invert my sketches although I did try it when I first started. If you do go down that route then try and be as accurate as possible and use sharp pencils so you get little pin point stars and then tidy the sketch up using Photoshop or Gimp maybe?
  17. i really liked the 6.5mm and to be honest it was a tough decision to replace it with a 7mm XW. I guess I did see some slight astigmatism but it didn't bother me, I can forgive some aberrations that I see in EP's as long as they aren't too bad, seeing the field stop and viewing comfort are probably the two main points I like with my EP's. But yeah the 6.5mm Morpheus was the pick of the bunch from what I tried tbh.
  18. I did the same for my S+T atlas Nick, very handy. You can buy an acetate sheet for Uranometria which gives circles for other EP's which is even better, these things should come free with atlas's IMO.
  19. I think I've used x350 on Jupiter with my old 16" once but that was far out of town with perfect seeing conditions. I find I usually use somewhere between x180 and x260 for Jupiter but some of the finest modern day sketches I've seen have all been over x300 or higher.
  20. Yes I read that article last night. Its amazing just how accurate and detailed some of the early observations were!
  21. Nice find Nick. I spend quite a bit of time comparing my own sketches to others when I cant get out under the stars myself. I've never come across his site before either, he's certainly put a lot of time and effort into his observations and has a similar approach as me.
  22. Sorry Mark my mistake its actually 180mm not cm! It was from this PDF which is a pretty interesting read. http://www.amlunsoc.org/archive/valleys/prinz%20summer%202008.pdf
  23. Mark / Stu I've read that you need a minimum of 180cm to pick out the rilles. Prinz I was very easy to see with magnifications from x114 all the way up to x320. Prinz II was fairly tricky as the deepest part is pretty short, it was actually pretty confusing with the way it was lit, I couldn't work out exactly what is was but the sketch confirmed it was the second one. John It was good to let the VX12L stretch its legs last night and really show me what it can do. I'II look up the Valles Alpes rilles ready for next time, thanks.
  24. Thanks for the comments. Stu, yes I should imagine the Prinz rilles would be beyond your little 90mm, always worth a try though. My back up plan incase I could see Prinz rilles was the much larger and easier Vallis Schroteri up to the 'cobra's head' but I'm really glad I saw Marks comment about Prinz as it gave me quite a buzz seeing details so small.
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