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  1. Lovely....Proms look good when you can see the whole sun I think...You get a feeling for their size. Well done Steve
  2. Hi...This is a great site for seeing how the object will appear on your camera.......http://www.12dstring.me.uk/index.htm By entering your scope and camera info and selecting an object a repesentation is shown. You can also change to just visual and see the same but in an eyepiece. There's lots of other useful stuff there, too. HTH Steve
  3. Sorry...That should have read...Point the Polar axis roughly north.
  4. Grommie

    Hey guys!

    Welcome Dan...I'm new too and haven't tried photography yet but I'd be dead pleased with your results...Well done!! I'd give you a cookie if I knew how to....Not really a forum person!! ATB Steve
  5. Hi...I found these useful for a newcomer. Remember that a lot of the (complicated) stuff is only really needed for photography. I find I can track Jupiter pretty well having only pointed the RA axis very roughly on the pole star. Just needs the odd "tweak" now and again....Fine for visual. http://www.astro-baby.com/simplepolar/simple_polar_alignment.htm http://www.astro-baby.com/HEQ5/HEQ5-1.htm
  6. Hi there...You can't be too far from Chipping Norton where the Chipping Norton Amateur Astronomy Group are based.....http://www.cnaag.com/ As you can see on their home page there is a link to The Rollright Stones...http://www.rollrightstones.co.uk/ This site was used on one of the Stargazing Live programmes (I think...May have been a different programme) because it is so dark and far away from pollution. HTH Steve
  7. Really enjoyed that.....Thank you for all the effort Steve
  8. I'm a big fan of this utility which shows where Jupiter's (main) moons are at any given time. If you know in advance it could help you find them. The view can be altered to suit your specific equipment. i.e. Reflector, refractor etc. http://www.skyandtelescope.com/observing/objects/planets/3307071.html# Steve
  9. I am also new to the hobby and have been using the site given above to great success, not only buying ( including three Televue Plossls of which I'm very pleased) but placing wanted ads too. Thoroughly recommend the Televues.
  10. Have just read the article Acey pointed you to....Brilliant! I never cease to be amazed at others ingenuity. Another option which I use (I have terrible astigmatism) is to wear contact lenses. I realise this may not suit everyone...I just happen to have worn them for years. Steve
  11. Hi Mike and welcome to the site from another newbie. You are absolutely right about the information and help here. Very nice set-up you have already and I agree with your leaning towards Televue EP's. With those discounts the other Ethos EP's certainly look attractive. Very envious Steve
  12. I think they are called Dioptrx Astig correctors. Try here for info http://www.televue.com/engine/TV3_page.asp?id=10 As Keith stated it may only fit Televue EP's but if that's the case maybe time to get one (or more). As a starter I've been picking these up on UK AstroBuySell quite reasonably and always in as new condition. Who knows, with an improved quality EP, those stars may appear less spikey? Could you borrow some TV EP's just to see? Worth a go. Steve
  13. Is this the filter you've been discussing? http://www.firstlightoptics.com/light-pollution-reduction/baader-neodymium-filter.html Thanks
  14. Fantastic, Olly....Deserves pride of place on S@N ! Regarding Monique (say hi from Denise and me) it put me in mind of A Fish Called Wanda! Have you tried speaking in Russian?? Steve
  15. Hi Peter...How did you make the connection to Seben?? I can't see any reference on the Ebay ad.
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