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  1. Thanks Knighty2112. I tried updating driver a few times It didn't solve the issue, probably due to it being a cheap Chinese USB Adaptor. I've finally downloaded a driver that it will work with....Sorted. Thanks all for your help.
  2. Thanks Mars1960 Many Thanks StevieDvd. I uninstalled previous USB/Serial Adaptor drivers I'd installed then downloaded the driver from your link, CFM immediately downloaded updates and transfered to Handset the latest Firmware.....sorted.
  3. Hi, can anybody help me. I’m trying to update my Celestron 8SE NexStar+ Handset Firmware using supplied RS-232 Lead connected via USB 232 Converter Lead, downloaded Celestron Firmware Manager and PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v10518. No joy, repeatedly Celestron Firmware Manager advises CFM was unable to find a device. Looking in Windows 10 Device Manager a new Port (COM & LPT) has appeared, (plug symbol covered with a yellow caution triangle) listing: Prolific USB-to-Serial Com Port (Com4) opened, general tab lists: This device cannot start (Code 10) A device which does not e
  4. Hi Celestron Nexstar 8SE Tripod, anybody know the thread size of the Leg Brace/Accessory Tray, centre rod/thumb nut and possible supplier.......Thanks
  5. New.......First Light Optics Premium Cheshire Collimator with Sight Tube Bought from FLO for use with a Dob I decided to sell. £27 + £3.95 P & P Royal Mail 2nd Class Signed For.
  6. NEW.....Skywatcher 9x50 Right-Angled, Erecting Finderscope Provides more comfortable viewing, due to the rightangled eyepiece, giving an upright image corrected left/right image orientation, complete with bracket. Bought from FLO for use with a Dob I decided to sell....Fitted to scope finder shope tried and removed, shoe thumb screw mark on foot. £45 + £3.95 P & P, Royal Mail 2nd Signed For.
  7. Thanks John & Allan, I'll wait and see how get on with my 1.25" EP's before spending any more money, as I only have one 2" Skywatcher Panaview 32mm EP, I may decide to sell?
  8. Will this diagonal SCT fit, take 2" EP's without the requiring a seperate 2" visual back? on a Celestron Nexstar SE8 or have I got it wrong? http://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/altair-astro-lightwave-2-dielectric-diagonal-sct-fit.htm
  9. Hi looking for a "super-fine optical-brush" any one know a UK suppier?
  10. Can the FLO Baader micro-fibre cleaning cloth be washed?
  11. Hi Making a power lead up, can anyone tell me if the Celestron 12v DC power lead with the DC plug 2.1mm internal, 5.5mm barrel diameter, is a long or short type plug?
  12. Would the Celestron f6.3 Focal Reducer solve the narrow FOV on a 8''SCT for visual or is it more for AP?
  13. Thanks Alan never gave that a thought, I would find an equatorial mount awkward, I will also have to rule that out with my back issues.......Thinking
  14. Many Thanks all for your advice. Decided I'm going to sell my under used Dob SW Sky Liner 200p. I'm sold on a GO-TO 8'' for visual only, no wish to complicate things with AP, going round in circles, I've added to the mix. Celestron C8 Edge-HD VX GOTO £1615. AVX Tripod/Mount Better/stronger? Is the only difference better optics being HD. Are these 3 below all the same spec scopes on different tripods? Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 £1575. Tripod stronger? But the Wifi and battery issues put me off? Celestron C8 SCT VX GOTO £1339. AVX Tripod/Mount Better/stronger?
  15. Hi A few questions if I may…...I have a SW Sky Liner 200p which I bought for it’s price and simplicity being new to the hobby, enjoy visual, no wish to do AP, a little complicated for me. Now finding 200p difficult to move around and use, would like to sell the Dob and upgrade to a more compact scope, initial thoughts, Celestron NexStar 8SE or Celestron NexStar Evolution 8. Can’t make my mind up if the above scopes are the right choice? Is there any better scope for this price range that I should consider? The Celestron NexStar Evolution 8, is it worth the extra for the sturdier
  16. I put my rear seats down, lay my 200p scope on a folded duvet, then secure it to one side with straps to various anchor points to hold it secure then lay the base on the other side again securely strapped to the side, don't want anything crashing around whilst on the move.
  17. Many Thanks alexwolf and team, a great piece of software, just download.
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