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  1. Nice Knobby. Surprised that the moon had much impact given that is one of the major benefits of narrowband (What Moon?!? )! Look forward to seeing some more narrowband efforts! I'll be hopefully moving that way this year. Just got to decide what to buy and in what order
  2. Had almost no clear nights for ages, but did manage to get out for one last week and took this shot of the Heart........ of the heart. Hope you like - here is a couple of versions.
  3. Incredible! I love these galaxy cluster images. They give such a great impression of scale.
  4. Awesome! Love these galaxy cluster images as they give such a great impression of scale.
  5. Tell me about it! At least I have a few less panels to worry about only 6 more to go. I look forward to seeing your version make mine look like child's play!
  6. Thanks Billy, appreciate the feedback. I have to say, I don't really trust my eyes or monitor so much for the colours. I usually balance the background using colour sampler in PS, which I hadn't done this time! The green was a little high, so I think I have neutralised that a bit better now.
  7. Thanks Mark. I was actually thinking this is probably the first image I have taken which I would be happy to print and display.
  8. Since bad weather continues to hamper my efforts to finish this as a 9 panel mosaic, I decided to stitch it together as a 3 panel panorama. Let me know what you think. Also thought I'd post my previous attempt at Andromeda to see the improvements I have made. Easy to forget where you started being the self critical creatures a lot of us probably are!
  9. So here is my first M33. It came out better in the edit that I expected from the subs to be honest. The second picture is my first test at a mosaic. it's just 2 panels on M31 and I was just practicing getting the panels aligned for capture and the process of stacking. It all went relatively well, except it is a hideously noisy picture because of the lack of exposure time particularly to the right side, where I also had an issue with dew. I think I will go with a 4 or 6 panel mosaic on Andromeda as my first proper stab at a good mosaic image.
  10. Finally got to use my coma corrector and new focuser the other night. Tried it on the Eastern Veil. What do you think, Red, or Fiery Orange? 45x180 - 10 Darks - 20 Flats Celestron C8N, CG5 Mount, Canon 50D, ASI 120MM Mini, ASIAir Pro
  11. Finally got to use my coma corrector and new focuser the other night. Tried it on the Eastern Veil. What do you think, Red, or Fiery Orange?
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