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  1. Thanks for the advice chas, contacting the company today.
  2. To be honest, I have only function tested the clutches and slow mo cables but noticed the fragments straight away. on closer inspection, the threaded rod the slow mo cable attaches to seems a bit bent. It certainly does not rotate on the same spot and is grinding and off the finished surface. Just wondering if the rough action is normal?
  3. Hi, I've just bought a Celestron 90mm Frac. It's the first time I've used a GEQ Mount. Having set it all up, I have noticed metal filings gathering in the accessory tray under the tripod. The metal fragments are coming from Slow Motion Declination gear. It feels quite rough when turning the Dec knob. The shop I bought this from stated it is fairly normal for this to happen given its entry level equipment and not machined as well as you would expected. My initial thoughts are it's probably faulty, if anyone can confirm one way or the other it would be appreciated. cheers
  4. Hi What capture software are you using ? I bought an ASDA web cam, completed the modification and and tested on a tree at about half a mile away. The software supplied is AmCap, for some reason Registax won't see the file and I can't seem to change the clip to an AVI Any tips on an alternative capture software ?
  5. Hi James Thanks for that, i'll have a look. cheers Ali
  6. Hi Apologies if this has been asked many times before but I have recently bought a cheap ( ASDA ) web cam to modify. If anyone can confirm that the web cam lens is removed and left off ? This is the first web cam I have owned and the rubber lens surround seems to be the method to focus the image, will the telescope have enough focal range to compensate for removing the lens ? Also any opinions on the best option for free stacking software ? (Older laptop running XP pro) Many thanks Ali
  7. Yep cheers Ian, i'll give that a try next time out. I have a Natural Density, UV and a Polarizing filter would any of these help ? cheers Ali C
  8. Chaps thanks for the tips, I think I may have made a school boy error, I'm not convinced that I switched the AF off. Useful tips all the same. Many thanks.
  9. some advise with ISO and shutter speed settings when photographing the moon. Yesterday evening (at dusk ) I tried to get some shots using my DSLR and 300mm lens,I had a play around with the iso and shutter speeds but produced nothing I was really happy with. Any basic tips would be much appreciated. Cheers Ali
  10. Jonny / Dunkster I also went for the 127 slt and am not disappointed, I would echo Malc's suggestion and invest is some reasonable quality EPs' it makes a huge difference.
  11. Be a bit careful with this. I tried to download stellarium and ended up nackering my browser set up. Conduit.com self installs as a browser and it is a real pain in the back side to get rid !
  12. Hi Malc I had the same issue with the stock RDF that came with my 127 slt. The company I bought it from has replaced it and this one seems to be OK. It's the same design but the optics are different colour to the original stock item. If your scope is still in warranty it might be worth trying to get a replacement first. cheers Ali
  13. Thanks, laser_jock For use in the Garden, I think I will find a way of making a solid anchor point. cheers Ali
  14. Thanks Do you have the weight suspended in mid air or find something heavy enough to sit on the ground to create downward force. I was thinking of using bungees and a couple of 20kg weights?
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