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  1. forgot to say... get 3% cashback and offers through quidco: http://www.quidco.com/home/
  2. just had a boolet through the letterbox from the book people, incase you dont know them their a retailer that sells books at quite often hugely discounted prices. ive used them for years and always get a great deal and a great service.in todays catalogue they have among other great deals the book 'the sky at night' for just £4.99. theres also some other astronomy books on offer so take a look around the website at: http://www.thebookpeople.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/qs_product_tbp?storeId=10001&catalogId=10051&langId=100&productId=285272 they do normally charge £3.95 delivery but whenever i want to order i always check hotukdeals and normally find a discount code for free delivery or some other offers.. check them out yourself here: http://www.hotukdeals.com/vouchers/thebookpeople.co.uk Celebrate the 55th anniversary of The Sky at Night with this beautiful keepsake book. Sir Patrick Moore and Chris North collect and answer viewers' questions on the solar system, the unexplained space missions and much, much more. The ultimate introduction to the wonders of the universe, the brilliant hardback provides a thrilling journey into space for novice astronomers and lifelong stargazers alike.
  3. thanks john, been so busy recently ive missed your dowqnload list... but thank god for sky+ as ive still got loads left to watch
  4. i have one of these, i think their brilliant.. a brilliant idea, really nice quality and makes the mod even easier to do.. i dont regret buying the billetparts adapter one bit.. but and for me its a big BUT... it seems that the adapter doesnt set the camera at the right heigth.. i was hoping as it was a special design for that particulr webcam then it would be perfect but i have so far failed to get a dark sky focus, only managing it during the day when testing it
  5. at the moment id love a nice solar scope, realistically a pst is about as much as i'd spend... and that wont be for a while.. unless my numbers come up on tonights loto
  6. oh im chilled, it was meant as a bit of tounge in cheek fun most hobbies ive had thgrough my life have involved the outdoors so im used to the bad weather effecting things.. only one that hasnt was mountian biking, i loved the rain as it made more mud... and i love mud good point nightfisher, im still a newbie here and am stil learning my way round
  7. oh well, cant complain i supose if shes let you build the observaory
  8. looking good time, im wondering though is that tree going to be staying by the side? it looks like it'll block a fair bit of sky
  9. not a moan or complaint.. just a question as im curious... or nosey if the items out of stock you put up the notify me message (which i find very handy by the way) well how then do you manage to pre-sell them? i thought you where an internet only operation and if the website doesnt have ordering then how?
  10. well iwaited a half hour and the light was still on, so i went to put my scope back in the case to bring it in and bang! the light went out... so back out with the scope.. got it 3 alligned straight away (thats a first) and as it swung round for what i hoped was my first ever saturn the power went out.. so fiddled with the lead id made up and aligned it again.. then as iswung around for saturn the power went again.. so i checked my google sky to see where saturn was, thought ****** workshops in the way so dragged the tripod over, didnt bother leveling it as time was getting on and saturn was right there... got the red dot over what i thought was saturn, looked through the eyepiece and f*'# me saturns rings where there and suprisingly almost in focus... thats one more dream accomplished... i almost cried!
  11. well what a few weeks ive had... my finder scope died on me which wasnt a bid deal except as i contacted flo the weather man gave us a week or so of stunning clear night skies... and flo didnt have a finder in stock then my new finder arrives the day after the clouds & rain i waited and waited for half decent weather then eventually got the finder sorted on a rather cloudy day but got it sorted... next clear night we had was last thursday, i had a council meeting and walking home around 9ish the skies where perfect.. but i couldnt get out with my scope as i had paperwork to sort which had to go out the following morning so i stayed up half the night doing it (gota love election time!) this evening looked promising so my scopes been cooling for a few hours in the workshop, i stick my head out the window around 9 to check how dark it is and find some idiots got a fire going and smoked the street out i thought id set up ready anyway as the smokes bound to clear soon... only to find my neighbours got their flood light on, pointing right at my decking... if it where the other side id ask them but my and this neighbour are not on speaking terms... long story but the police have been invovled, their kid has had an asbo referal because ive reported him so theres NO way they would knock it off for me so i think i might just give up and play solitare on the ipad
  12. well.. that post sold me! im a 6se user as well im due to get an ipad 3 in a few days so ill hang on and install then.... gota love my mother, she knows how much i love my ipad and being a gadget freak herself (shes in her 70's) she decided she wants one... she also knew that i wanted to upgrade but after spending an arm and a leg recently on astronomy kit couldnt aford toso she said she will but a new ipad 3 and swap with me, having my ipad 2...
  13. hi guys, i love my ipad and im wondering if anyones got any reccomendations for astronomy apps? i downloaded scopehelp recently and that looks quite good.. i also got star walk and pocket universe hd which are both quite good but im always after more so thought id ask you guys what your using
  14. i had my copy of that yesterday, was reluctant to buy as im not a huge book reader and it isnt the cheapest book around but its quite substantial... far bigger than i expected so im happy. our libraries in south wales have a free request service where they will get books in from any other libraries in the area. or you can use their searchable website and request that way but they charge 50p for online requests... i do find it strange they dont have it though, i live in a smallish village and ive published several books on the village and our library service has bought around a dozen copies of each for their collections.
  15. theres a coincidence i found this with a google search today and subscribed earlier.. a bargain
  16. great thread for newbies like me.. the telrad sounds popular! as i said im a newbie but i have to say google sky has helped me a lot
  17. most of the time i'll be using my scope it will be by my workshop at the back of the garden so i put a red light in recently. i looked at various types including red bulbs. one thing that shocked me was how much they hike the price of the bulb just because its red. in the end i went with a standard bulkhead fitting that had a red lens and used cheaper standard bulbs. i thought in the long run it would work out cheaper.. i was so pleased with it i put one outside as well just incase i needed a light outside. i also put them on a dimmer switch so i could set the brightness.. heres a link to the ones i bought eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  18. hi alex, welcome aboard... only a ferw miles away from you myself
  19. it makes you wonder how they can make these things and sell them so cheap
  20. great theme for a new thread... as a newbie ive not seen tha tmuch yet, i think the best thing ive seen is the first that i saw that i knew what it was... jupitar... as soon as i powered up my scope for the first time i wanted to see something... i couldnt wait until id got the goto set so i just pointed it at the brightest thing i could see and it was jupitar.. WOW! second has to be the moon, i only managed a quick look of a day or two old moon so there wasnt hardly anything there but it was brilliant
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