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  1. ok another solution is to reinsert the 2 bolts and tighten them as normal back to their original positions ,this may loosen the stuck bolt the fraction it needs , also the stuck bolt may need to be tightend first basically to " break " its seal and it will then hopefully loosen off better . have used this method on big pipe line wedge flanges , that realy get stuck ,
  2. when you see the milky way remember to breathe after 10-20 seconds as it literally takes your breath away [much like your first saturn/jupiter ] hope you get some clear sky and have a great time
  3. poor road very bumpy so low height clearance cars are at risk of loosing exhausts , you can hire the scope [we went on a group tour and for £10 a head was good got to look through the 14" ] and you can bring your own theirs a viewing platform provided ]again it costs a wee bit of money but still good value
  4. there's also whitelee's [the wind farm] its no bad either [i ot the 127 mak on a whim the eq mount is wobbly but scope and goto are good
  5. hi chris theres a couple i use , mugdock country park to north of glasgow , muirshiel country park [just by loch winnoch [3 miles ] is very dark [i have used this just before the visitor centre and also along the walk.path to the mines [hope you dont spook easy ] theres barrhead dams [balgray reservoir which has lp towards glasow but south and west are no bad ] ther's also the central scotland observers who use harrperig reservoir in livingston [ i go over 3-4 times during the season] and then theres the astronomical society of glasgow who have use of the scope at glasgow science park on mar
  6. £80 for my first scope 2 years ago 200mm dob , tal 1 £30 with the eq mount and the 240 volt motor and finally my 127 skymak goto for £50 at an auction in fleetwood
  7. also your local astronomy club is usually worth a try as like most astronomers there tends to be an over abundance of second hand scopes in these groups .
  8. it doesnt look right claire ,the iss, has solar panels in a h shape and there are modules of it which if the picture was clear as this would be better defined it looks more like the ship from deep space 9 [defiant]
  9. ok my wife bought me the last set in our local shop as a wee extra surprise for my birthday , tried them out against my 10x50 practica bins that were the same price [got these about 6 months ago ] verdict for 30 quid not bad , pretty big and with 8x light enough to be hand held with no problems , optics are surprisingly clear and crisp [used them for some bird watching in my local park tonight ] the eyepieces seem sturdy enough and the magnification works well enough for my needs . i think you will need to try them out yourselves as i would happily pay 30 quid for them [but i am easy pleas
  10. noctilucent clouds [nlc] which are very high about 50 miles up, form when ice crystals collect on dust in the upper atmosphere. first reported in the late 1800's possible causes , industrial processes.global warmiing or even meteor dust .
  11. and up here it doesnt get close to dark till 11.45 and light by 3 am
  12. been to muirshiel park near glasow up in hills with no lp carrying my 127 mak through the forest and out to the windy hill moor was amazing how dark it was .no werewolves or thief's were seen although i did see some badgers a fox and a few deer[well there eye's with my torch] was amazing night and well worth the trip although a few other people would have been nice
  13. page 6 on the photo;s looks like an apo
  14. i'm wondering if because your looking through the eyepiece even a very small vibration will look worse as it is magnifying the movement eg if the scope vibrates 1 -2 mm when looking through say a eypiece 25mm on say jupiter it would be a very large movement and look like a lot of vibration . if windy i notice massive movement on my 10" dob but theOTA is only moving a few mm's
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